What Every Professional Barber’s Website Needs

The Top 6 Features

Every Professional Barber’s Website Needs

You’re a hip, savvy businessperson who just so happens to be a badass barber living in our modern world—all that to say, we probably don’t have to sit you down and tell you how important having a website is in 2020.

But here’s the thing about websites, people—if you really want them to boost your barbering business, bring in clients, and seamlessly help you grow your shop, you’ve got to stop thinking of them as a formality.

Your website should be a central focus of your marketing strategy. Why? Because when done right, your website can be a client-winning resource that does a bunch of the hard work for you.

But that doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes work, it takes dedication, and it takes knowing what you must have on your professional website.

Not sure where to start? This blog is the perfect beginning point. Consider this your website intro guide that can help you narrow down the good, the bad, and the must-have when it comes to your website.

A Killer Layout (That Flaunts Your Brand)

Your website needs to be informative and helpful, but it also needs to accomplish something important—reflecting your brand and your barbershop’s identity. Websites are a key facet of your branding strategy and they’re a huge part of your brand’s identity.

Spoiler alert, we’ve created an easy way to get this process going. When you partner with NAOB, you’re automatically given a free, customizable, professional website that you can manipulate and toy with to reflect your brand, your services, and your unique identity.

P.S., that’s not the only member-benefit we offer our customers—check out our long list of enviable member benefits here

Consistent, Kickass Content

Ultimately, the pages you add to your website are going to be totally up to you (that’s the beauty of creating a unique website that’s all about flaunting your brand). That being said, we have to tell you—if you’re not posting, relevant, updated, and consistent content on your site, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Consider features and pages filled with informative, important content like bios, services, links to your social media platforms (this is a must), a regularly updated blog (just like your favorite barber insurance website has, hint hint), photos, eBooks, guides, and more!

What you add to your website is your call, just make sure it’s relative, informative, entertaining, and most importantly, consistently updated and added to.

Clear Service List

People are likely looking up your website to see if you’re the right fit for their needs. But if you’re not laying out what you offer in a clear, concise way, those potential clients can easily turn into never-gonna-be-your clients in a snap.

Listing out your services on your website is key to drawing in clients. Whether they’re seeking you out directly or just so happen to stumble upon your site, it’s not helpful if they don’t know what you offer.

Be clear about your services, lay them out in a concise way, and don’t make it too hard to find these services on your site.

No-Fuss Contact Features

Here’s the general rule of thumb when it comes to potential clients, if something is unnecessarily hard, your clients aren’t going to work for it. In other words, if your clients can’t figure out how to contact you from your website, it’s more than likely they’re not going to contact you at all.

Make this very (very!) easy for your clients. Don’t force them to do the work to get in touch with you.

The harder you make them work to contact you, the less likely they are to contact you in the first place. We cannot emphasize this point enough.

Client Reviews & Testimonials

There’s only so much talking you can do to convince a would-be client you’re the best. Your past and current clients though? Well, what they say matters a whole heck of a lot, and often, it can be the factor that tips a potential client to your favor.

For obvious reasons, making a neat, tidy home for these reviews on your website is a must! Using your barbershop reviews for good (and never evil) can help you grow your business, can amp up your website, and bring in more clients than you could have imagined.

Not sure how to optimize your reviews so they’re the best they can be? Check out this article here for some intro pointers to get you started.

SEO Dose

Don’t let this jumble of words freak you out—SEO isn’t as scary as you think it is. No, we won’t lie, it can be complicated, but it’s not impossible. If you’re unsure of how to go about SEO—otherwise known as search engine optimization—we encourage you to study up, learn what you can, and ask for help when you need it!

Even though search engine optimization can be an enormous pain (especially if you’re brand-new to the concept), it’s enormously helpful for driving traffic to the badass website you’ve just spent lots of time, effort, and dedication building!

Have a few inspiring websites in mind that you’d love to share? Be our guest—that’s what our comment section is here for in the first place.

Drop your fave barbershop sites, advice, questions, and more below—let’s get this barbering community buzzing with conversation.

For more advice, insight, tips, and tricks, keep up with our regularly updated blog here—we’ve got consistent content comin’ your way to help you boost your barbering business (makes sense now that we’d provide consistent, kickass content, right?).

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