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A policy with National Barbers Insurance bundles what you need to protect your career & your practice at one low affordable price.

Who Are We?

Welcome to the National Barbers community, where we proudly consider ourselves more than just a network—we're a community. With a shared passion for the art of barbering, we intricately understand the trials, triumphs, and aspirations that define this dynamic profession. From seasoned barbers to budding barber entrepreneurs to dedicated barber students honing your craft, our mission is clear: to provide unwavering support, invaluable resources, and boundless inspiration to every member of our diverse barbering family.

At National Barbers, our commitment to our barbering community runs deep. We've built a robust membership program that is designed to address the multifaceted needs of barbers at every stage of their careers. Whether you're in search of business advice, comprehensive career development resources, or simply a source of motivation to fuel your passion, you'll find it all here under our welcoming roof.

Our History

National Barbers Insurance has been a trusted guardian of barbering professionals since its inception in 2010, originally as a division of Beauty Insurance Plus. Over the years, our brand has evolved and expanded, but our unwavering dedication to serving the barbering community has remained strong and steady. Whether you're experiencing the highs of success or weathering the challenges of the industry, we're here to stand by your side, providing the protection and support you need to thrive in your craft.

With National Barbers Insurance, licensed barbers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they're covered no matter where their career journey takes them. If you're new to the concept of professional liability insurance, don't fret—our
comprehensive Insurance Guide is here to demystify the process and help you understand how we can safeguard your career aspirations. Join us at National Barbers, where your success isn't just a goal—it's our top priority.

"They do what they say they go do. I'm covered and feeling very secure!

John Williams

Pro Barber

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Our Promise

We have dedicated ourselves to the mission of providing barbers with a membership program that helps them grow their business and comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to their unique needs that helps them protect their livelihood, ensuring peace of mind as they pursue their barbering passion. National Barbers Insurance promises to safeguard both barbers' businesses and careers, empowering them to focus on their craft and thrive in their journey with confidence and security.

Featured Services

Fade Cuts

Razor Shave

Hair Shaping


Additional Covered Services

  • Razor Cuts
  • Design, Cut, & Style
  • Grooming
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Treatments
  • Instruction
  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Fade Designs
  • Thermal Styling
  • And 500+ More!

Flexible Insurance Options to Fit Your Needs:

Two Year Policy

Secure a rate of $150 per year by opting for our two-year policy, which encompasses all the same benefits

$299/ YR

as low as 0.40 cents a day


One Year Policy

Protect your career for one year and get top rated barber insurance. Instant coverage, immediate certificate.

$169/ YR

Monthly Payment Plans Available


Student Policy

Offering the most comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage in the industry for students. 

$49/ YR

+ all the same benefits as the one year policy


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m Renting a Chair at a Barbershop; Do I Need Barber Insurance?

Investing in insurance is crucial for barbers—no matter when, where, or how they work. Whether you’re working in your own, self-run shop or are renting a chair in a third-party shop, insurance makes all the difference in the world.

When you rent a chair in a shop, you’re classified as an independent contractor, which means that you’re likely not covered under that salon’s liability policy.

It’s up to you to provide the protection you need should a claim arise while you’re providing services to your clients.

What are the Coverage Limits of a National Barbers Insurance Policy?

The coverage limits come standard with a $2 million limit for both general liability and professional liability claims.

No matter how many claims are filed—you'll have a $2 million limit each year. Further, you’ll have $2 million product liability coverage, which means if a product malfunctions and causes damage, loss, or injury, you’re protected.

Other benefits include $25,000 in identity theft protection, occurrence form coverage, personal injury & advertising Injury with a $2 million limit, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Member?

National Barbers Insurance has your back with robust coverage limits for general and professional liability, but you’re granted the gift of surety, which allows you to practice your craft with complete confidence.

More barber-tailored exclusives—like our Barber Resource center, is home to knowledge, insight, and professional advice for your business via eBooks, education tools, and more. Further, we’ll give you access to a free, customizable website template to help you start getting the word out about your business.

What Kind of Liability Insurance Do Barbers Need?

Your line of work puts you face-to-face with clients every single day—from using sharp razors and scissors to other tricky tools of the trade, you’re up close and personal with your customers a lot. And while that’s likely one of your favorite parts of the job, it also something that opens you up to a lot of risks—no matter how experienced, skilled, or professional you are.

When it comes to insurance you need in your line of work, you should invest in a policy that provides generous limits for both general liability claims as well as professional liability claims (yes, there’s a difference).

General liability is the risk you assume just by allowing customers to walk onto your property—most commonly, this is known as “slip and fall” insurance. This usually applies to general risks like a customer tripping over a loose tile and injuring themselves—a situation in which they can hold you liable for their damages.

Professional liability, often called malpractice insurance, is the type of coverage that provides provisions for injuries or other events of loss that happen during the process of you providing your unique service. Say your razor slips during a shave and you accidentally cut your client or a chemical you’re working with gets in your customer’s eye—professional liability insurance will help protect you in these events.

Our barber insurance policies take your coverage to the next step by going far beyond the minimum of what you need—we also provide you with product liability, advertising injury coverage, identity protection plans, and more. In other words, no matter what risk you’re dealing with in your line of work, we’ve got your back.

Do Students in Barber School Need Barber Insurance?

Without question! Yes, during school, you’re still learning—but as a barber, you learn with hands-on, face-to-face experience. This is one of the easiest times to make errors or mistakes. Unfortunately, even the smallest accident can lead to a claim being filed against you. By investing in our insurance for $49 for an entire year of coverage, you’re putting yourself in the right position to be protected against any eventuality. As a bonus, you’ll have all of our members-only benefits available to you—just like our professional members—at the student rate!

What’s the Difference Between Claims-Made and Occurrence Form?

Claims-made coverage is a type of policy that states a claim must be made while a policy is active in order for it to be covered—at National Barbers, this is not the type of policy we offer. Instead, we offer occurrence form coverage, which is a type of policy that states even if your policy is long-expired, should a claim be made against you for an event that occurred while your policy was still in effect, we’ll be sure to have your back. With us, you’re absolutely covered, no matter what.

How Much is a Barber Insurance Policy?

We’re proud to offer some of the best rates in the industry because we believe the best insurance shouldn’t be out of reach for professionals like you.

For a one-year policy with National Barbers, our current rate for professionals is $169 annually, which covers professional and general liability insurance up to $2 million per occurrence. For a two-year liability plan, we offer insurance policies at $299, which offers you nearly $40 in savings when you opt for two years of coverage.

The best part? There are even more options to choose from. Our student rates are just $49 for a year’s worth of coverage and we also offer a benefits only plan (insurance excluded) for $39 per year that grants you access to identity protection, a professional website, and tons of discounts and special offers!