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Social Media Guide:

In the Go-To Guide, you will learn how to use social media to your advantage. We are giving you insight as to why social media is essential in the barbering world, and how you can effectively show off your skills to increase your clientele. Social Media is a game-changer, and will instantly boost your career.

Salary Guide:

This guide is focus on finding out your ideal clientele so you can become a money-making beauty pro. We have listed examples of wasted expenses that you may be spending in your barbershop and shared tips on how to manage your money and grow your paycheck.

Barber Suite Guide:

This guide will help you understand the barber suite model. You will have access to the top salon suites to rent from and understand key factors to keep in mind when beginning your journey. If you are thinking about switching to salon suites, this is guide is everything you need to become a success in the suite life.