Using Your Barbershop Reviews

Quick Tips for Using Positive Reviews in

Your Marketing Strategy

Ask not what a positive customer review can do for you, but what you can do to optimize those positive customer reviews.

All right, cheesy intro lines aside here, we’re absolutely dead serious about this—optimizing your positive customer reviews is so dang important.

You probably already know how vital online customer reviews are for your business, right? If not, prepare to have your mind blow, because these numbers never fail to absolutely wow us.

About 88 percent of consumers will head straight to reviews in order to help them determine the quality of a business—and even more incredibly, about 72 percent of consumers say that a positive review will make them trust a local business. 

What’s even crazier? About 88 percent of consumers said that an online review is just as trustworthy as a personal recommendation.

You get the picture, right? Online reviews are super important. But what if we told you that by taking your online reviews just one step further—by optimizing them in your marketing strategy—you could boost business, up your marketing game, and bring in even more customers?

It’s totally doable—and even better, it’s really simple. By incorporating your positive reviews in your marketing strategy in simple ways, you can truly take your business to the next level.

Use those positive reviews for your marketing advantage and we are here to tell you how!

Here’s How The Pinnacle Strategy for Positive Reviews:

An Email Marketing Campaign

We love a good email marketing campaign. This already-successful marketing strategy (email marketing campaigns win $44 for every $1 spent) can be made even more successful when you thoughtfully implement useful customer reviews.

Don’t just throw random reviews in there—make sure they’re applicable to your campaign and that they’re providing your consumers with the social proof they’re looking for to help them take the next step to schedule with you.

Let Your Customer’s Voices Sing Out on Social Media

Yes, your social media platforms should represent your business, but they should also be a place where your customers’ voices can be heard. Always find new, creative ways to share your customers’ reviews on your social media platforms.

Link them to your Facebook pages, quote them directly on LinkedIn, tweet your appreciation for a positive review, throw a few of your favorite customer reviews on your Instagram story—the possibilities are endless.

Put Your Reviews Where People Will See Them

If you have excellent customer reviews, the easiest way to really squeeze the juice out of them is to put them in places where people will see them. That’s right—we mean your website. 

Ensure your home page, your service page, and any other applicable page has a heavy sprinkling of positive customer reviews. Do this tactfully, but don’t be afraid to put your reviews in the place where they matter most!

So, How Exactly Do I Wrangle Those Positive Reviews?

For starters—be good at what you do. No, that’s not a guarantee that you’re going to get positive reviews, but it’s a great first start. Secondly, implement a few of these strategies to gently push your customers to leave reviews for your business.

People Love Incentives

There’s nothing wrong with incentivizing your customers for their honest thoughts. Don’t be afraid to offer little gifts—like an extra punch on their customer loyalty punch card—in exchange for their honest feedback on a few online review sites.

Gentle Email Reminders

Politely asking your customers for online reviews is not tacky. If we could scream this, we would. Gently and tactfully reaching out to your customers through short and sweet emails requesting a review is not a bad thing.

Bombarding your customers and being pushy about asking for reviews, well, yeah, that’s a bad way to go about it. Don’t be afraid to send out a follow-up email after appointments thanking customers for choosing you and sending over a little email incentive to leave an online review. 

Make this as easy as possible (link the review site directly in the email) so customers will have to do as little work as possible to write up a review.

Don’t Let Your Reviews Go Unnoticed

Be an attentive online presence and respond to your customers’ reviews—and be sure you respond relatively quickly. It’s never enough to just ask customers to leave reviews on your site—they need to know you’re actually reading and appreciating their efforts.

Optimize Your Platforms to Make Leaving Reviews Easier Than Ever

Take an honest look at your social media pages, your website, and any other platform you run for your business. Is it truly simple, direct, and easy to leave you a review?

Your review process should be as easy as possible, so optimize your pages to ensure your customers aren’t going to struggle to figure out how to leave you praise.

See? Easy, quick, and oh-so-effective.

Remember, these are just a few, helpful hints to optimize your positive reviews, but these aren’t the only ways to go about it. Get creative with your marketing strategy, showcase those positive reviews you’re proud of, and make it easier than ever for consumers to access those trust-building reviews.

If you’ve got tips for your fellow barbers about how you’ve optimized your positive reviews, we want to hear them.

Head down to the comment section on this article and leave your feedback, success stories, and struggles with optimizing reviews—our barbering community is all about hearing what you’ve got to say. Interested in even more barbering biz tips, tricks, and insight? 

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