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Member-Only Benefits—Exclusive NAOB Offerings

Everything You Need to Know about NAOB’s Member Benefits

When it comes to insuring top-notch barbers like you, we don’t mess around.

Obviously, as an insurance company that specializes in premium barber-specific professional liability insurance, we’d be thrilled to take this opportunity to brag on our badass barber coverage—but we’re not going to.


Because we’re about to boast about something else entirely. Something equally as badass and bold as our amazing coverage, but something that you’re unlikely to find from any other insurance company in the barber game—member’s only benefits that’ll blow your barber-mind.

We know what you’re thinking—other insurance companies do offer member-only benefits. And you’re right, they do. But when you stack our benefits up, side-by-side, next to other companies’ benefits, we can bet you’ll be blown away by the insane difference between them.

What we’re saying is this. Yes, our NAOB professional liability insurance for barbers is next-level, untouchable, and the best in the game. But we take it a step further to bring you member-only benefits that are equally as next-level. We’ve created the ultimate package of benefits for our members that are sure to boost your business and enhance your life—in the barbershop and beyond.

How Our Member Benefits Work

We figured we caught your attention with that intro.

Before we dive into the good part—that expansive list of barber benefits that you’re dying to skim—we want to take some time to explain how our benefits work.

Obviously, we’re very on-board with you becoming a part of the NAOB insurance fam, and if you’re interested in these benefits, that’s your one-way ticket to gaining badass insurance with some mega-sweet member-only benefits.

When you invest in an insurance plan with us. We’ve got a ton of reasons why our professional liability insurance is the perfect fit for you, but we’ll save that for another article (or, you can read about why right here). Once you become part of our insurance fam, you’re granted immediate access to these benefits.

We’ve got policies available at professional rates that cover a wide variety of services (we’re talkin’ fade cuts, hair treatments, razor shaves, and about 350+ other services—all covered by your insurance plan).

We also have a member benefits only package excluding insurance, for just $39.

The Full List of NAOB Member-Only Benefits

We’re finally here. Welcome to the best part of the article (and probably the entire reason you clicked on this blogpost TBH)—the full list of the National Association of Barber’s members-only benefits.

These exclusive benefits have a broad range, but we think you’ll find that each and every one is designed to boost your business, enhance your work life, and provide you with the premium offerings that we believe you deserve (no question about it).

Check ‘em out, read up on them, and then try to tell us that we’re not offering the best benefits in the insurance game (go ahead, we’ll wait).

MetLife& Insurance Marketplace Access

Obviously, we’re all about offering you the top-of-the-line barbering professional liability insurance—but we’re pretty big on quality insurance all around. When you team up with NAOB, you gain access to both MetLife PPO dental coverage as well as our NAOB Insurance Plus Marketplace.

These benefits offer you things like dental policies for as low as $28.50 per month (with options for vision plans starting at $11.30 monthly, too), short-term health insurance plans, telehealth plans, and even ACA-qualified health insurance, too!

FREE Customizable Website

Marketing is a big dang deal when you’re running your own barbershop—and the best way to get the word out is to have a top-notch website. When you work with us, you get your own FREE, totally customizable website that’s designed to help you grow your business, reach new clients, and thrive in your industry. The best part? It’s easy to use and so intuitive—no coding or tech-wizardry required.

Constant Contact Deals

Speaking of marketing, one of the best ways to boost your efforts is through email marketing. But who has time to create campaigns from scratch? Definitely not a busy barber. When you work with us, you get access to a 10% off pre-paid plan for Constant Contact, an email marketing platform that makes email campaigning easy and seamless.

UPS Discounts

We all gotta ship stuff, right? Knock those costly expenses out of the equation. When you partner with NAOB, you receive epic discounts on all kind of shipping prices, like 50% off air, 30% off ground, and continued UPS Smart Pick Up Service.

FREE Subscription to 1 of 5 Beauty Publications

Expanding your education is important—and there’s no better way to do that than regular, FREE content that’s designed to flex your barber muscles. When you partner with us, you receive a free, annual subscription to 1 of 5 different publications from Creative Age, including options like:

Discounted Travel & Accommodations

We all know travel sometimes comes with the territory of running your own barber business—or being a badass barber in general. That’s why we’ve tailored our member benefits to help ease the financial burden of travel any way we can!

  • Hotel Engine—save up to 60% on publicly available rates on over 200,000 hotels worldwide
  • Bonus Drive—get up to $500 cashback when you buy or lease a qualifying vehicle from a participating manufacturer
  • Hertz—save up to 25% & receive a free Hertz Gold Plus Account
  • Dollar Car Rental—save up to 7%
  • Thrifty Rental—save up to 7%

Barber EVO Magazine Subscription Discount

Receive a 50% off discount for subscriptions to Barber EVO through NAOB’s membership benefits program.

Free Access to Gina’s Platform

You’ll receive an all-inclusive business app that helps you orchestrate client booking, credit card processing, and so much more!

Industry Related Product Discounts

Obviously, we saved the best for last—product discounts, ya’ll! Utilize these awesome deals and discounts (on products you actually want and need) to run your badass barber biz!

  • Lenovo—save 30% off everyday public web price of Lenovo’s entire line of PC products & receive free ground shipping on all web orders and monthly limited-time special offers
  • Office Max & Office Depot—receive up to 75% off preferred products

Want more information on NAOB’s member benefits? Looking to read up on our company to make sure we’re the perfect fit? Simply looking for some serious reading material to help boost your barber biz? You’re in luck.

Our regularly updated blog and NAOB website have all of that waiting for you—and so much more!

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