The Must-Know Black Friday 2022 Deals for Barbers

Shears, like the ones in this image, might be on sale during the black friday for barber sale in 2022.

If you’re a barber in the biz, you know that Black Friday is more than just a day for consumers to scoop up sweet deals; it’s a day where you can score on some of the tools and equipment you’ve been dying for–at a discount. 

But let’s face it–Black Friday can get hectic AF. There’s so much on sale, so many deals, and so many options that it can feel very overwhelming to snag the things you actually want and need. This blog is all about helping you dial in, focus, and pick out the things you actually want this Black Friday! 

How? By zeroing in on some of the hottest sales that we believe barbers care about. We’re dropping the name of a few brands that we think you should take a peek at before the Black Friday rush finishes up. But remember, you don’t have all that long–so dive into this list ASAP and find your discounted faves! 

The Best Black Friday Deals for Barbers

Remember, these are just a few of the Black Friday deals you should shop! Don’t consider this the only list to consult, but definitely start here!   


One of the big barbering brands out there, Illuzien, is having what they've dubbed a Fall Sale. Is it falling on Black Friday? Maybe so, but it’s also started early so you can snag these sweet deals now! 

Whether or not things will be even more discounted come Black Friday, we’re not sure (and the company isn’t dropping any hints), so we suggest taking a look at their Fall Sale deals ASAP before the good stuff dries up! Here’s what you can expect from the Illuzien Fall Sale: 

And so much more! 


Most barbers in the biz know about Reuzel, but if this is the first time you’re getting to explore the brand, you’re picking a great time. Reuzel is a fun mix of hair, beard, body, and tattoo care that all barbers should know about–whether for your shop or just for you! 

From grooming pomades and holding tonics to shampoos, texture powders, and beyond, this site has a little bit of everything (and brings a whole dang vibe into the mix). 

Make sure you check out some of their sweet pomades while you’re exploring the site. Here’s what you can expect from their Black Friday sale: 

Big Box Stores 

You guys, we know it’s tempting to run to the big barbering shops to snag the tools and products you want. But consider seeking out the big box store deals this time around. Why? Because you can get all the practical things you’d need for your shop at major discounts. 

We’re talking about TVs, sound systems, cameset upras for your shops, cleaning products, and furniture. Not only are these things likely going to be on massive sale, but it’s highly likely you can write a lot of these things off on your taxes because they’re specifically for your business. 

Check out what these stores have to offer during their Black Friday sales: 

Don’t Forget to Promote Black Friday Deals for Your Own Shop

Remember, it’s not just about snagging the best Black Friday deals–it’s about setting up the best deals for your customers, too! Even if the Black Friday shopping splurge isn’t your thing, you can still set up November sales to offset the chaos of a single-day sale. Want some ideas of your own? Check out our blog here, How Your Barbershop Can Participate in Black Friday. You’ll find advice in this blog, like:

  • Run month-long specials 
  • Run specials on old stock
  • Update your socials with special online-only deals 

And more! 

That fateful – or amazing, depending on how you feel about it? – day of sweet deals and tons of spending is upon us. Yep, we’re talkin’ about Black Friday, and it’s coming up quickly. 

With that, we wish you the best of luck in your Black Friday endeavors! We hope you get what you’re looking for!  

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is try to save a little. Let’s face it–the products you’re going to buy you were going to have to get eventually anyway, right? So, try to do your research and try to snag a sweet deal–but don’t stress yourself out over it! Odds are, there’s going to be another deal around the corner anyway! 

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