How Your Barbershop Can Participate in Black Friday

The Black Friday Biz Ideas You Need—Even if You Hate the Holiday 

Love it or hate it, that infamous holiday we’ve all created—you know the one, with the major deals and discounts, the crazy lines, and the increased chance of getting shoved to the side for the promise of a half-price 75-inch flat-screen—is coming up quite quickly.

Whether the participation of Black Friday is your jam or not, as a barbershop, there are a ton of ways that you can totally capitalize on this trend—even if you’re not into the crazy, one-day, absolute mayhem. 

The reality is, Black Friday deals are a must for salon marketing, but only if you do them right (and only if you’re actually into them.

Why? Because other than the holiday that comes before it (you know, Thanksgiving—one we can all get behind), November tends to be a little bit of a quiet month. If your books are a little sad—especially after the plight of a pandemic year—opting to participate in a little Black Friday marketing can make a substantial impact on your bookings for November.

But here’s the secret—you don’t actually have to feed into the mayhem. In fact, you can even take it the opposite direction and be anti-Black Friday—just as long as there’s some kind of marketing strategy in there (that, ideally, saves people a little money and acts as an incentive to get them in your shop).

This year’s Black Friday is going to look a lot different than normal Black Fridays (we can certainly peg that on the global pandemic), but that doesn’t mean your competition isn’t going to be swinging some serious specials that could help them gain more traction. It’s time for you to really dig deep and dive in when it comes to Black Friday marketing strategies—especially if you want to boost your bookings for a slow month.

Not sure what we mean? Don’t sweat it. We’re sharing a few of our own creative Black Friday marketing tips that your barbershop could (and should) try this year—give them a go, use them as inspiration, or make up your own entirely.

No matter what, don’t let this Black Friday marketing opportunity pass you by!

Run a Sweet Special on Old Stock

Black Friday specials are the perfect opportunity to clear out old (read: still perfectly good) stock that might be cluttering up your back bar.

Whether you run an online sale or an in-shop special, make sure that your clearance offerings are hard to beat. Then, if you’re getting good traction, extend that sale into the weekend and onto Monday if you can!

The best tip? Price out each item and have them listed with their original price and their discount price. People love to see the steep discounts they’re getting, especially on a day where steep discounts are anticipated and expected.

Run Month-Long, No-Rush Special For Everyone Who’s Anti-Black Friday

Some people are going to be super turned off by the idea of chaos and one-day specials—and we don’t blame them. Black Friday hecticness isn’t for everyone, and it most likely won’t be the case this year, anyhow.

To avoid the rush, stress, and inevitable hustle and bustle that some anti-Black Friday shoppers hate, appeal to them and run a month-long sale that doesn’t make them feel rushed or bullied into purchasing.

Lots of customers will appreciate how relaxing your sales strategy is while appreciating that you’re still offering discounts during a peak time of year where it’s highly anticipated.

You kind of get the best of both worlds here, right? You’re able to appeal to those seeking deals without alienating those who dislike Black Friday in the first place.

Make Sure Your Shop’s Social is Singing About Your Deals

No matter what type of strategy you take, the ultimate goal is to make sure customers actually know about it. You could come up with the most epic Black Friday special that’s creative, up your alley, and totally appealing—but if no one knows about it, it doesn’t matter one bit.

That’s where your social media skills come in.

Make sure that—no matter what—your social media and your digital marketing plans are signing about your Black Friday specials. If possible—well in advance.

Ready to implement some of these Black Friday marketing tactics? Good! Whether you try these out or come up with your own, we want to know how it all worked out.

Drop a comment in our reply section below to tell us how it all worked out, or, share your creative ideas with your barbering community! If you ask us, this slice of the internet is something that every barber in our community can be extra thankful for!

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