How Much Do Barbershop Suites Cost?

This barbershop salon suite is the perfect example of how much barbershop salon suites cost.

If you’re a barber thinking about forging their own path and opening their own barber suite, we’ve just got one thing to say to you–congratulations! Is this road easy? Nope–but it’s worth it, and we know that a barber like you can do anything they set their mind to.

As usual, we’re here to help in any way we can. That means we’ll provide you with all the resources you need before you take on the task of starting your own barber suite. Of course, that includes some of the less-than-fun stuff to talk about, like how much barber suites actually cost.

We want to start this blog off with a caveat–we know that we’re not going to be able to give you a specific number. As much as we wish we could say, “yep, expect your barber suite to cost $50,000,” we simply can’t do that. And that’s because there’s just too much fluctuation in pricing based on location, the economy, and your specific circumstances to give you an accurate number.

What we will do is provide you with helpful considerations that can help you create a checklist of what you should keep in mind when you’re tallying up your costs.

How Much Do Barber Suites Cost? The Common Costs Associated with Opening a Barber Suite

First things first, we want you to be as informed about barber suites as possible before we give you the price spiel. So, if you’re so inclined, check out our little resource list below for even more information about barber suites from every angle (renting, decorating, cost calculating, etc.):

Now that you’re a little more informed (unless you knew all of that already!), we can dive into some of the cost considerations you’ll need to know before you start your own barbershop barber suite.  

Rent, Lease, or Mortgage Costs

One way or another, you’re going to be paying for the place you operate out of. Whether you’re paying a monthly lease, a mortgage, or you pay outright for your place, that’s a high cost to consider.

Liability Insurance & Business Fees

You’ll need liability insurance (general and professional, by the way) and will need to account for all the business fees and legal fees you might have to pay to get everything going the right way.

Utilities & Electricity

What’s it going to cost to run your water and electricity every month? How much do you think you’ll need to keep the lights on? Think about these monthly costs and then consider how much fluctuation you might have to deal with based on the economy, usage, and unpredictable factors.

Furniture & Fixtures

Even if your barber suite is small, you’ll need to decorate it with furniture and brand-approved décor. What do you already have for your barber suite, and what do you need? Consider these costs from the start so you’re prepared for whatever you might need to pay to outfit your barber suite.  

Tools & Supplies

Do you have your shop chairs? Will you need shears, washing sinks, and razors? Whatever you’re missing that you need in order to do your job will have to be part of that upfront cost! Run a checklist of everything you need to provide your current menu of services, then consider how much that will run you.

POS System & Shop Software

Do you have a way to book your clients? Will you need a point-of-sale system to ring up retail products for your clients? How will you manage your books on a regular basis? Consider the POS and software you will need to run your business.  

Marketing Systems & Website Setup  

Setting up your website will either require your valuable time or your hard-earned money to hire someone. And what about your marketing and digital advertising strategy? Make sure you work these factors into your cost calculation.

Have some retail tricks of the trade of your own? We’re not the only ones who want to hear them–share them with the barbering community now!

Drop your reply in the comment section below and see how it benefits your fellow cosmetologists and barbers. No matter what works for you, we want to hear about it! 

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