What To Include In Your Instagram Bio

Update Your Barber Insta Bio ASAP 

The Must-Include Details for Your Instagram Bio

If you’re a barber in our modern-era who isn’t clinging to the traditional style of marketing (we don’t judge, we’re just saying), then you’re probably hyper-aware of the importance of social media in your digital marketing strategy.

Whether we love it or hate it (and TBH, it’s probably a healthy mix of both), social media marketing is a crucial part of how we make things happen in our barbering careers nowadays. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why social media matters in the barbering world. Running functioning, optimized social media platforms help us get things done, hook in new clients, boost our brands, get us to influencer status, offer informational content, educate, and even help us bring in some serious extra revenue.

And while all platforms are important, there’s no denying that—in our industry, anyway—Instagram is the head honcho, the commander in chief, the king of the hill, the big cheese. No matter how you want to phrase it, the fact remains—Instagram is the moneymaker platform and the one that we should spend most of our time optimizing.

That’s exactly what we’re here to discuss today.

But before we dive headfirst into Insta stuff, we want to offer you a little olive branch. If social media just isn’t your thing, you’re just getting started, or you’re looking for a quick refresh before we get into the nitty-gritty, we highly recommend you check out our Barber’s Guide to Social Media eBook right here. (Go ahead—click it, save it, read it now or later. Whatever you decide, we’ll be waiting right here for you).

If you’re ready to get into it, though, keep reading—because we’re chatting about the must-include details every barber should have in their insta bio to optimize their page for success.

Here are some killer instagram bios:

The Must-Include Bio Details For Your Barber Instagram

Names are a Must

Obviously, including your name in your bio is crucial if you want, like, anyone to find you. But there are some ways you can really optimize this section. First things first, include your first and last name—this way, if someone is looking up your insta by your name, you’ll pop up first every time.

But also, don’t forget to include the name of your brand or shop in your bio, too. This way, if someone is trying to find your shop (but they don’t know or remember your name), they can still find you.

Locations Are Crucial

If you make it hard for people to find where you’re located, you can honestly kiss their business goodbye. Potential clients need things to be super simple, and you can make the entire process really streamlined by including your city, state, and even your shop address (if it makes sense and fits into your bio, of course).

This way, you’ll pop up the second someone searches for a barber in your city or state (AKA, with search terms like “Chicago barber” or “Santa Monica barber” etc.).

Include Your Skills

What’s your specialization? Are you a fade pro? A beard god? Whatever you specialize in, share that info ASAP with your clients and potential clients. Your insta bio should introduce you and tell people what you do—make sure you include this front and center.

You’ll want to incorporate this into your bio for two reasons: first, it gives people a better idea of what you’re all about, and second, if someone is searching on Instagram for a facial hair specialist, you’ll pop up in the search bar with when they go on the hunt for someone like you.

Contact Info

Don’t make it any harder than it has to be for your potential clients or followers to get in touch. We love a good “link in bio” that takes people directly to your contact page.

But we also love when barbers include other info in their bios like email addresses, websites, phone numbers, and even mention they respond to DMs.

Direct Your Audience

You’ll always want to include a call to action in your bio. A call to action—or a CTA—is simply something that you’re directing your readers to do. “Click here to book your appointment” or “send me an email to get in touch” are both examples of good CTAs.

By doing this, you’re making someone’s next step super simple—you’re breaking down any hesitation by removing roadblocks to get in touch. CTAs are not supposed to be pushy or rude, and they’re certainly not for manipulating anyone, they’re for helping to direct and simplify a process.

Don’t lose out on this opportunity for contact or new clients by forgetting to include a CTA.

You didn’t forget what we said about CTAs, did you? We hope not, because we’re dropping ours right here. Again, CTAs are not for manipulating your readers, they exist to make things easier for your potential clients.

That’s why our CTA is all about something you can do super quick to make sure you’re always in the loop.

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