The Top Barber Ambassador Programs to Check-Out & Join

The Top Barber Ambassador Programs 

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When it comes to the conversation of ambassador programs, we know that the camps are pretty split. Sure, some barbers probably think ambassador programs are exciting opportunities—others likely think they’re a waste of time and effort.

Our take? It all depends on which brand ambassadorship you’re talking about.

We whole-heartedly believe that the right brand ambassador program can be a total boon for your career—it can be fun, exciting, open up killer networking opportunities, and even help you diversify your income stream.

Further, good ambassador programs can also offer you benefits like:

  • Access to a larger audience (great for your career)
  • Lots of new connections (clients and mentors alike)
  • Assist in honing new skills
  • Bringing home extra bacon
  • Equipping you with the best tools, products, and teachers

Seems pretty legit, right?

We think so. But we also contend that bad ambassador programs can be a total waste and a total scam.

This begs the most important question ever—how can you tell if a brand ambassador program is right for you?

We’re here to offer some industry insight to help guide you down this semi-confusing path of ambassadorship. We’ll give you some tell-tale signs that can help you determine if a brand’s program is right for you—we’ll even provide you with a list of some of the most legit ambassador opps out there!

How To Tell If A Brand Is Right For You

Our world—and our industry—is pretty social-media crazed, which means ambassador opportunities are likely popping up around every corner. This situation brings advantages, but it also presents challenges—this over-saturation can make it super tough to decide if partnering with a brand is a wise move.

So, how do you determine if a brand is worth your time, can benefit you, or is even legitimate in the first place?

Run through this checklist to get a better idea of whether or not a particular brand ambassador program is right for you.

  • Do you believe in the brand, company, product, and service? If not, you’ll want to automatically knock this brand off your list.
  • Is this partnership symbiotic? You never want to agree to something that’s way too one-sided. It might not be equal, but it should be pretty darn close.
  • What’s your gut telling you? Don’t ignore this! While we don’t advise only letting your gut-feelings lead your decision-making, we also don’t agree with ignoring it entirely. Trust your instincts.
  • Are you on-board with the entire list of ambassador responsibilities? Don’t go into your partnership blind. Have a solid idea of what the company wants from you—don’t commit if you can’t deliver.

Barber Ambassador Opportunities You Need to Check-Out ASAP

Like we promised, we’re laying out a list of some of the best-of-the-best programs. Scan through ‘em, check into the, and determine what might be right for you. One quick disclaimer here—if you’re looking at a different ambassador opportunity but you don’t see it on this list, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a bad choice.

Use your discretion to vet your opportunity and make an educated decision on whether that brand is right for you!

WahlPro Professional Ambassador Program

We’re huge fans of Walh Pro, so it should come as no surprise that we’re here on our soapbox yelling about their ambassador program. But here’s the thing, our adoration for them doesn’t come from blind bias—we think they’re a killer company with solid ethics. Plus, they’re committed to bettering the barber community, and we can totally get behind that.

By being a part of the program, you’ll have first dibs and knowledge on products, techniques, and people leading the industry. You’ll also have access to things like:

  • Sneak peek at new products
  • Industry insights
  • Barber & stylist spotlights
  • Trade-show demonstrations
  • Product tips and techniques
  • Latest news & offers

Check out their ambassador page right here for the deets.

Redken Brand Ambassadors Program

Do you want to represent Redken? This iconic brand is well-known for its eminence in the barbering and cosmetology community, and because of that, their ambassador program isn’t something we can ignore. Redken is seeking leaders in the industry, experts with know-how, and insiders with tricks of the trade.

The best part? They can be in any niche within the industry. Whether they’re behind the chair, leading fashion week, educating on the mainstage, or running a killer social media page, Redken wants them.

Check out more details right here.

Live Bearded Ambassador Program

Live Bearded is looking for leaders, influencers, brand advocates, bloggers, barbers, and grooming professionals—but mostly, they’re looking for professionals who are totally beard obsessed. They’re all about featuring men from every walk of life—so long as they’re bearded, of course—who are focused on the do better philosophy.

They ask ambassadors to share a few short videos per month, talk about their grooming routines, take photos, and more—in turn, they’ll send you free products, invite you to their private community, and share your posts with hundreds of thousands of beardsmen worldwide.

Sound like your thing Check it out right here.

Andis Grooming Ambassador & Educator Program

If you’re looking for an ambassador-type situation with a little bit of an educator twist, this is the perfect program for you. Andis is on the hunt for certified pros who love the brand and love educating others. You’ll be a total brand advocate who’s a big part of the Andis family.

Seem like your thing? Check it out right here.

Loving our ambassador advice? We’re glad to hear it. If you’ve successfully partnered with a killer ambassador program and brand, we want to hear about it.

Had a bad experience? We want to hear about that, too. Drop your story in the comments below and share what you know with our barbering community.

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