Barbershop Giftcards

Barbershop Gift Card Promos: 

Are They the Money Making Promo of 2021?

Let’s just be straight-up—2020 was kind of a rollercoaster. And, as a part of that rollercoaster year, it’s totally possible that maybe it wasn’t the most high-earning, toppin’-the-charts revenue year for barbers.

Why You Should Give Gift Cards a Go

Whether you already have barbering gift cards in your wheelhouse or you’re just now getting on this gift card train, we encourage you to keep an open mind when we talk about really amping up this strategy.

Gift cards are more than just a handy little marketing tool you whip out during the holiday season, they can bring year-round benefits that keep you going—even during the tough times. So, we’re going to spend a little time highlighting some of the gift card potential that sometimes gets overlooked.

  • Because gift cards are specific to your shop, you’re essentially delivering a guaranteed sale when someone buys that gift card from you. It’s not like they can take it somewhere else and cash it in—they’re purchasing a service from you ahead of time. Even if they never use that gift card, you’re looking at guaranteed business. To us, that’s pretty dang cool.
  • Gift cards an appealing option all year ‘round—not just during the holidays. Plus, they can be purchased and redeemed with specifications. Want to put a 3-month deadline on your gift cards? Do it! Just make sure your customers know they expire. Your gift card terms are up to you—and that’s a pretty sweet strategy if you think about it.
  • When someone buys a gift card from your shop and gives it to someone else, they’re basically hand-delivering you a potential life-long customer—and it didn’t cost you a single cent. In fact, you made money off that sale because someone paid in advance for that service, then you got to use that opportunity to convert that new lead into a lasting client. It’s so much cheaper to retain customers than to go out and win new ones, and that new customer just walked into your shop using your gift card—that’s what we like to call continuous opportunity.
  • Gift cards can improve your cash flow. They’re low-budget to make, can amp up your marketing strategy in a pinch, and have super great ROI. They make it simple and straightforward to generate revenue in advance of providing products, services, or even both.
  • You can lock in current clients with gift cards if you do it right. For example, if you offer your clients $60 cards that pay for $80 of services, you can lock up a ton of cash now from already-regular clients who know they’ll be coming to you for the foreseeable future. To them, it’s a bargain, to you, it’s basically an advance on your revenue.

So, are you finally on board to give the gift card promo a go? We hope so.

If you do decide to give this tactic a whirl, drop a comment in our reply section below and let us know how it goes. We’re all about hearing you out, listening to your experiences, and working together to perfecting strategies like these.

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