Top 5 Trending Products for Barbers in Spring 2023

An image shows a barbering product that's considered a must-try for spring 2023.

The barbering world is home to tradition and classic styling juxtaposed with trends that come and go like the wind. Some techniques and tools have persisted for decades (if not centuries), while some products and styles trend for a moment before fading or establishing themselves as new staples in the industry.

With spring of 2023 upon us, it’s time to look at a handful of the top trending products that all barbers should be aware of. From pomades and pastes to beard oils and creams, the innovation in the men’s hair and beard styling world never slows down. It’s an exciting time to be a barber, and the products that are hot this spring are just another example of how the industry stays fresh.

Trending Men’s Hair Care Products

If barbering is your passion, there’s no doubt you like to keep up with the latest and greatest developments. Whether you’re trying out a new set of shears or testing hair care products to recommend to your clients, staying informed is key to staying ahead of the curve. To give you a jump start on the top trending barbering products in the spring of 2023, we’ve listed our top five below.

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Shampoo Puck

There’s an age-old saying that claims you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. When it comes to men’s hair care, that sentiment has gone a little too far. So, it’s always exciting when something truly new gains traction in the market.

A shampoo puck is shown here, one of the top barbering products for spring 2023.

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Duke Cannon Supply Co.’s Shampoo Puck is a fresh take on shampoo, and it’s anything but gimmicky. It looks similar to a solid bar of soap, but it’s really a highly-concentrated shampoo made of premium ingredients, such as essential oils and natural fragrances.

With impressive longevity–somewhere in the realm of 175 washes–the Shampoo Puck not only smells phenomenal and keeps hair clean and healthy, but also eliminates the waste of multiple plastic bottles.

Out of Regz Pomades

Many hairstyles rely on pomade to achieve their intended look and maintain it all day. In a market saturated with options, it can be challenging to select the right pomade for the job. It needs to have the right amount of hold, shine, and so on. Even more importantly, a good pomade needs to work for the style without sacrificing the health of your hair and scalp.

Out of Regz has a diverse line of pomades crafted to work with a variety of hairstyles and textures. This brand didn’t stop at developing a product for everyone, either. With a commitment to quality and dedication to research, Out of Regz created formulas that nourish your hair and scalp with bamboo extracts, fatty acids, and vitamins. It’s made in small batches in the United States, meaning that the standards are high, the product is consistent, and you are supporting a small business when you use it.

Smoky Mountain Beards Beard Oil

There are few things more irritating than an itchy, flaky beard. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is also a sign that your beard (and the skin beneath it) is not as healthy as it should be. Beard oil is a solution to this problem thanks to its ability to eliminate dry skin and reduce itchiness.

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Even if your beard is thriving, beard oil can be beneficial. It gives your facial hair the nutrients it needs to reach its full potential while giving it an aesthetic sheen. Smoky Mountain Beads handcrafts its Beard Oil in the USA using only the finest ingredients. The result is an oil you can feel confident using yourself and recommending to your barbering clients.

Artius Man Beard Butter

Made of all-natural ingredients, Artius Man’s Beard Butter is as good for your hair and skin as it is for making your beard look its best. With a plethora of scents to choose from, there’s an option for everyone. Each small batch of this beard butter is hand-crafted and designed to tame your beard without holding it down. It’s a way of managing those unruly hairs and creating a bit of shape without making your beard heavy or too styled.

Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream

If you’re looking for a shaving cream made from plant-derived ingredients, you’ve come to the right place. Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream is formulated to be good for your skin during and after your shave. With certified-organic, vegan ingredients, even those with extremely-sensitive skin can experience a smooth, hydrated shave.

One of the top barbering products of 2023, a beard shaving cream, is shown here.

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2023 barbering product trends are all about natural ingredients, small-batch quality, and small businesses. Whether you’re looking for the best formulas or want to support small businesses in the barbering industry, you can have it all with the products on this list. Better still, you can introduce your clients to the hottest, most game-changing barbering products available this spring to keep the momentum going.

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