How to Help Your Barbering Clients’ Skincare Routine

A client sits back in a barbering chair awaiting barbering skincare advice from his go-to expert.

Barbering is an interesting industry. While haircutting and styling are at the center of your business, your skillset and the services you provide extend far beyond these basics. From taming beards to moisturizing dry skin, you help every client put their best face forward–figuratively and literally.

One of the most overlooked aspects of barbering is skincare. Not only is it integral to the health of your client’s skin, but it also contributes heavily to the health and appearance of their hair. While there is still a lack of emphasis on men’s skincare, barbers are playing their part in changing this.

If you want to help your client’s skincare routine (even if they don’t have one yet), you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a brief guide to unlocking the full potential of skincare routines for your clients that can benefit them at your shop and beyond.

Skincare Routines for Your Barbering Clients

Because everyone’s skin is different, as are the environments they are exposed to, it’s best to start with the basics and help your clients form a foundation that they can build on to fit their needs. This also gives you the opportunity to scale your level of help to your client’s experience and knowledge.

Focus on the Basics

Whether your client has an established skincare routine or is entirely new to the concept, focusing on the basics is a great place to start. The good news is that these pillars of skincare are pretty straightforward and easy to implement into any lifestyle.

The primary principles of skin care are cleansing, nutrition, and protection. The products used in each of these steps can vary depending on a few factors (more on this later) and timing. In most cases, routines are best done in the morning and before bed.

Keeping things simple is essential to establishing a healthy skincare routine, especially for beginners. There’s no need to overcomplicate the process!

A barber gives his client the spiel on barbering skincare routines to help him improve his skin's texture.

Educate Clients on the Benefits

For some, a skincare routine is not a priority because they are unaware of the benefits. By educating your clients on not just how to develop a routine but also why they should consider it, you can encourage them to embrace healthier, better-looking skin and hair.

There are many benefits of a solid skincare routine. Some may appeal to certain clients, while others may attract different clients–it all depends on their needs and what interests them. By sharing the advantages of a daily skincare routine, you equip each client with the knowledge required to make an informed decision for themselves.

Some of the primary benefits include

  • Slowed aging
  • Healthier skin and hair
  • Reduced risk of skin-related health problems
  • Improved looks and confidence

A proper skincare routine can have a tremendous positive impact on your clients. Ensuring they are aware of the advantages that a quick and easy addition to their daily regimen can have is a great way to help them form healthy skincare habits.

Recommend the Right Products

If the hair care market is saturated with products, the skincare industry is drowning in them. There are so many options, all claiming to be special and unique, that it can be incredibly difficult to narrow down the list and choose the right products for a particular client’s skin. As such, it is best to equip your clients with a few pieces of knowledge that they can use to make the best choice for themselves.

First, they need to know their skin type. It could be oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of many things. Determining which categories a particular client’s skin fits into is key to finding the perfect product for them. Ethnicity is also a factor. Sensitivity to sun exposure, increased occurrences of ingrown hairs, and more can be related to a client’s ethnicity. When in doubt, it is best to experiment with different products to find the right combination.

It’s typically a good idea to start off with a few essential products. When it comes to skincare, less is often more. Consider using cleansers, beard oils and balms, moisturizers, and sunscreen. You can grow your routine from there, but these products should act as a strong foundation for any daily regimen.

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Skincare is a valuable addition to any daily routine. Unfortunately, many people–especially men–tend to overlook it. As a barber, you can help your clients with their skincare routine, even if they don’t have one. From fine-tuning someone’s good habits to kickstarting another client’s journey to healthier, better-looking skin, the tips above should serve you (and them) well.

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