The Top 5 Things to Know About Opening a Barbershop

So, you’re thinking it’s time for you to take the plunge, make the dive, and dig in deep by opening up your very own barbershop, huh? 

First things first, do a flippin’ victory dance—making this decision is tough, and going through with it is tougher, but deciding to invest in your own business (that you can run your way) is a big, damn deal and we are here for it. 

Whatever might come next is worth it because you decided to make this choice and press forward, chasing your dreams and striving to reach your goals. Let us be the first to say we’re behind you 100% that.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cakewalk, but of course, you already know that. Opening a barbershop is tough, brutal, and rewarding work—this process will reveal some of the best (and even some of the worst, TBH) days of your life.

The secret, though? It’s all worth it if you’re doing what you love. 

We’re going to level you with you—we don’t have some one-size-fits-all, secret-formula-sauce that got the answers you need to guarantee success. If we did have it, we’d share it with you—trust us. But we do have some helpful advice that we know can act as stepping stones to success, and we’d never be able to sleep again if we didn’t share it with you.

So, buckle up, barbers—we’re passing along some of the most crucial things we think you need to know before you open a barbershop. 

Don’t worry, we’re not here to discourage you—we’re just here to prepare you.

The Top 5 Things to Know About Opening a Barbershop 

Get Ready to Put in the (Unexpected) Work

Most barbershop operations start small—as in, just you and maybe one other person. Alternatively, it takes a huge amount of work to get a barbershop off the ground. 

With small supply for staff and great demand for tasks and labor, you can bet that math isn’t always going to add up—that means you’re going to have to be prepared to do things out of your comfort zone, out of your wheelhouse, and honestly, out of your preferences. 

Sure, you’re a master barber and you worked hard to get there, but you’ll also need to be the accountant, the bookkeeper, the Instagram savant, the marketing coordinator, the bathroom cleaner, and the shop sweeper. And TBH, that’s just the shortlist.

So, yeah, you’re probably ready as you’ll ever be to put in the badass barbering work but remember that this part of the process is going to take so much more than that. And you know what? We think you’ve got it covered.

Insurance is a Must 

Yep, we’re dropping a line about insurance is the blog, and even though it’s tempting to believe that we’re just this big, bad insurance company trying to make a sale, we’re going to as straight-up as possible with you—whether you work with us or not, you need insurance. 

Obviously, we’d love to have you as our insurance partner (and we’ve got the best barbering insurance on the market, BTW), but all in all, we just want you to be sure you’re covered. 

The second someone steps into your shop, sits in your chair, or lets you use a product on them, you’re taking on a substantial amount of risk—and whether anything happens or not, being covered against that risk is going to be the difference between a small mishap and an enormous, career-ending incident. 

Trust us when we say barber liability insurance should be considered one of the first investments you make toward your barbershop’s success.

Branding & Marketing are Up to You 

Ready or not, you’ve become a marketer—and for most, that’s a pretty daunting task. As the owner of your own barbershop, it’s likely you’re not starting off with the capital you need to hire a whole marketing team, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make enormous strides in your branding and marketing strategies. 

Take the time to learn about what works, identify and capitalize on your unique brand, and above all, try like hell to make a name for yourself in the digital and social media marketing spheres. Getting the word out is what gets people in your shop.

Support Can Be Worth the Investment 

We’re not going to pretend that a business just starting out has a ton of funds to throw around, but sometimes, hiring on a little support can be totally worth it and help you grow faster. Yes, you’ve got to be ready to work hard and grind it out, but that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly superhuman and available to take on all the work.

Think about hiring temporary support, freelance workers, or full-fledged, part-time employees to help shoulder some of the burden so you can get to what you do best—being an unmatched barber. 

Further, don’t be afraid to invest time into the resources that are necessary to helping you better run your shop.

Never Stop Learning & You’ll Never Stop Growing

This isn’t necessarily specific to opening a barbershop, but we do think it’s crucial for barbers like you who are ambitious and looking to grow your career. The moment you give up on learning new things, the second you decide you know enough, and the instance you settle for your current know-how are the moments that you nip your potential in the bud.

The more you commit to learning and growing, the more you check your ego for new information, and the more time you dedicate to being a better barber and businessperson, the more successful you’ll be in your career.

We hope this advice helps you kickstart your barbering business! If you’re on the hunt for more barbering business resources, look no further. At NAOB, we’re dedicated to providing barbers like you with the info, advice, and insight you need to take your career to the next level! Make sure you to ensure you never miss another helpful blog, career-changing tip, or must-know industry secret, subscribe to NAOB here and now!

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