The Must-Know Men’s Fall Cuts & Styles You Don’t Want to Miss

A Barber's Guide to 2021 Fall Cuts

Barbers, we have one very cliched thing to say to you—it’s fall, y’all. 

Listen up, you know as well as we do that fashion, trends, and styles are seasonal. The close buzzcuts and carefully cropped beards of summer are out for now and the wonderful Autumnal goodness of Fall styles are ready to be ushered in. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re here for it.

And we say all this to ask you a very important question—are you up to speed on the latest and greatest of Fall barbering styles? 

If no, we’re giving you a giant *gasp* right now—but we’re here to help. Peep this style guide below to get to know the next best looks of Fall 2021. 

No need to center your entire Fall offerings and services around this list, but just know that you can use this as a little guide for your shop.

The Top Fall Looks, Styles, & Cuts Every Barber Needs to Know About This Year

Mullets for All

We’ve said it once this year and we’re going to say it again—mullets are back and they’re here to stay. We like to think of mullets as the perfect equalizer because if they’re done right, they can look trendy on just about any type of hair, any gender, and any look someone is going for. 

Mullets are big business right now, especially in the barbering world, so even if you’re not into this whole seasonal trend mumbo-jumbo, it’s still smart to hop on the mullet bandwagon. Soon enough, someone is going to plop down in your chair asking for a killer mullet—you want to be able to give them just that, right?

Top-Notch Top-Heavy Fades

Don’t get us wrong, we pretty much love all fades if they’re done well. But this Fall, we’re hyped about a top-heavy fade that leaves a lot of volume on the noggin. 

This is a phenomenal look for clients with textured hair that want a bold style. With close-cropped sides and a lot to play with up top, you can help your client create fun texture that makes a statement. No matter what your client wants—to leave the top natural, incorporate braids, twists, curls, dreadlocks, or beyond—this look is a must-try for most.

Call it a SoHo Crop

A short back and shorter sides—without going for a full skin fade vibe—the SoHo Crop is all about street style that’s casual, creative, and texturized. Celebs like Nick Jonas and Olly Alexander have been caught rocking the SoHo crop, so if any of your clients look to stars like these for style inspo, this is the look they’ve been waiting for. 


If they’ve got it, let ‘em flaunt it. This full, shaped, and masculine beard named after 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi is giving all the classy lumberjack vibes your clients could ever want. This look has a little bit of everything. Handlebar mustache? Check. Loose curl in the beard? Yep. A rounded, 3-4 inch beard to tie the whole thing together? Oh, hell yeah.  

Casually Disconnected Undercuts 

Think David Beckham, but sloppier. Like, in a good way. Disconnections (you know, where it’s closely shaved on the sides with some exceptional length left on top) are always in, but this look is for those who are seeking a comfy, lived-in look that can be kept loose and casual or slicked back for a more refined style. 

The best example we can offer? Think Peaky Blinders, but a touch longer on top with a little bit of a 70s curtain vibe. 

Sound confusing? Maybe in text. But you’ll know it when you see it.

They Be Lovin’ Boxed Beards 

Short, angled, and to the point—boxed beards are the ideal Fall look for clients who don’t mind a little extra TLC and time spent on their beards. The best part about this tapered look? It works for every face shape—though it’s especially stunning on someone with an oval or oblong-shaped face.

A Little Bit Indie Rocker 

We’re throwing all the love for this look to classic rockers like Kurt Cobain (and actors like Jared Leto). What makes this style so perfect for Fall? It’s casual, it’s long, it takes just a touch of maintenance, and it’s there for a little extra warmth. Bonus points, it means you don’t have to chop off your clients’ pandemic hair if they’ve been steady trying to grow it out just to make a LOOK happen. 

Hot for Hollywoodian Beards 

This low-cheek look draws the eye away from the cheeks and toward the jaw and chin to help create a jaw-first look that leaves your bearded clients feeling as masculine as ever. Though it can be mistaken for a chin strap if done incorrectly, a Hollywoodian Beard incorporates a solid mustache and connecting sideburns for a full-bearded, bold look. 

We hope this Fall guide was everything you wanted and more—and even if you didn’t want it initially, we hope you ended up getting a little something out of it. 

When it comes to seasonal trends, NAOB has got your barbering back—but that’s not all we do. 

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