The Must-Know Tips to Market Your New Barbershop

The shop is clean. That fresh product is lining the back bar. The playlists have been made. The shop brooms are prepared. The shears have been sharpened.  

You’re ready—scratch that, you’re more than ready—to kick off the first day of the barbershop dream you’ve had for who knows how long.

There’s just one problem—you gotta market that dream in order to get customers in your chair.

We’re going to drop a harsh (but necessary) dose of reality on you for a hot sec—you could be the world’s most talented, dedicated, and passionate barber, but if no one has ever heard of you and your shop, it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever be able to find their way to you.

Our mission? To help you avoid those tragic missed connections. 

How do you do that? Marketing your brand new barbershop like a total marketing strategy pro (even if you’re def not one just yet). 

If you’re not sure where to start but know you need to do something to give your barbershop the marketing justice it deserves, then follow our advice and consider this your shop starting point. 

Keep reading for a few simple (but necessary!) marketing tips to get your brand new barbershop buzzin’.

The Top Tips You Need to Know to Market Your New Barbershop 

Get on the Map—But Like, Literally

If you don’t yet have your barbershop listed on Google Maps (and other map platforms) and Google My Business (GMB) then trust us when we say you’re really missing out. Why? Because tackling this can help in more ways than you can think of. 

Let’s put this into perspective. How many times have you opened up your Google Maps app and typed in “restaurants near me” or “grocery stores near me” or something else similar? This is how we find highly-rated shops near us—don’t you want people to be able to find your shop this way when they type in “barbershops near me” in the search bar? 

But this gives you even more bang for your buck. This little trick gives you yet another platform to get your brand out there—people can leave reviews, photos, link to your website, and even reserve appointments just by this little Google My Business hookup. 

Trust us, this is a massively important step in your new barbershop marketing strategy. 

Make Booking Easy-Peasy 

People are more inclined to try out places that make booking super simple and streamlined. Making your potential clients jump through hoops will basically make them wonder why giving your shop a try is even worth it (harsh but true). Make sure your booking software is set up and super streamlined to ensure you don’t lose any could-be clients to a clunky booking process. 

Websites are a Must 

We live in a modern era—existing without a website is a hard pass (at least, successfully). Don’t believe it? Think about it this way. Let’s say someone hears good things about your barbershop—they want to check you out, but they need a little more social proof to make sure you’re worth their time and money. 

They type your shop name into google and get—nothing. So, they end up turning toward another shop. Tragic, right?

A website provides people with the proof, content, and branding info they need to make a decision about your shop. Without a website, you’re taking all of that off the table entirely.

Referral Programs & Loyalty Programs = Invaluable Word of Mouth Advertising 

Setting up a stellar referral program can be the ultimate form of marketing. How? Because it encourages fabulous word of mouth advertising, AKA, an invaluable way to get the word out about your business. Not sure how to set up a great referral or rewards program?

Check out our article right here for a little more info to get this going. Trust us. It’s a great way to kickstart advertising without spending a ton to make the marketing magic happen.

Email Marketing is Impactful (AKA, Do It) 

The second you can start collecting email addresses, do it! An email list grants you access to one of the most amazing marketing tools of all—email marketing strategy. Email marketing campaigns can keep your customers in the loop, help get the word out about your business, set up sweet deals for first-time customers, and even help you push out the best reviews from your customers. 

Social Media is the Marketing Mecca

If a website is crucial this day in age (and it is), then social media is even more vital. If you really want to get the word out about your brand new shop, you need to spend some time cultivating your social media platforms, presence, and strategy. 

Need some help getting your social media stuff going? Consults some of these resources:

Leverage Your Barbershop Reviews 

Getting those killer reviews is the first half of the battle—using them to your advantage is the second. First, employ a strategy that incentivizes your first few customers to leave you excellent reviews (and of course, make sure you’re really showing out with you’re a-game). Then, optimize those reviews to attract more clients.

Need some tips to make this happen? Check out this post here about how to best use your barbershop reviews.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do to get the word out about your new barbershop is deliver. By that we mean, be your awesome self, offer phenomenal services, and show the world why you’re the best barber on the block. 

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