Social Media Strategy For Barbers

Your Guide to a Simple, Effective Social Media Strategy 

Let’s preface this blog by saying we won’t be diving deep into the heavy-hitting social media stuff that’s—let’s face it—the stuff of our nightmares.

If you’re already a social media pro and you don’t need help creating a basic social media plan from scratch, this might not be the perfect post for you.

Don’t get us the wrong way, we definitely think you should read it, but we want you to know exactly who this blog was written for before you start reading.

If you’re a kickass barber who’s just come to terms with the fact that social media is absolutely necessary to your marketing plan, this is for you.

If you’re a skilled professional who knows zip about social media, this is for you.

If you’re ready to implement an effective, simple, and efficient social media plan that you don’t need a digital marketing degree for, this is for you. 

Our advice? Stop thinking of yourself as just a barber—you’re a businessperson. Whether you love or hate social media, the fact of the matter remains—it’s time to invest in your own plan to better your social media presence, improve your digital marketing, and reach customers in ways you never have before. 

Don’t worry—we’ll be with you every step of the way.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Barbering Business 

Remember, this is social media strategy 101, so we’re sharing with you some of the basic tips you need to get your social media marketing strategy kickstarted! Feeling inspired and want to take it a few steps further and better understand why social media matters so much?

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Remind Yourself of the Most Important Factor—Your Target Market 

Social media is many things—a way to communicate directly with customers, a representation of your brand, a spot for your clients to leave reviews, etc.—but most importantly it’s a connection. It’s a tool that you’re going to use to reach your target market, connect with them, and pull them in. 

Your social media strategy should always (always!) keep your target audience and your brand in mind—that’s why it’s so crucial to understand this from the very start. 

Take a minute to reacquaint yourself with the stats and data—who is your target market? What do they care about? How do you reach them effectively? 

Pick Your Social Media Platforms & Fill Out Your Profiles 

You’ve got your target market in mind, right? So now, answer this question—where can you best reach your target audience? Is it Instagram? (To be honest, no matter who your audience is the answer is yes). Is it Facebook? TikTok? Snap Chat?

Once you’ve determined where your audience is, it’s time to create your profiles on those platforms. Pick them, fill them out completely (no halfway profiles, please—your audience will view these as vacant and unhelpful and they’ll be less likely to engage with you here). 

We’re talkin’ cover photos, bios—anything you need to do to ensure that your profile is up-to-date and totally complete. A complete profile says something an incomplete one does not—you’re professional, you’ve got cohesive branding, and you’re ready to engage. 

Don’t Forget to Infuse Your Brand 

Speaking of brand, make sure yours is heavily infused into your social media platforms. Brand is a tough topic to understand because it’s a mix of both tangible and intangible factors, but it’s crucial you do what you can to make sure it shows up on your profiles.

This will include visual, physical pieces of the puzzle to create a cohesive look, but it also includes less concrete factors like voice, messaging, goals, and more. 

Need a little deep dive into branding? Check out our post here so you can better understand how to give it its voice on your profiles. 

Create Content & Decide on a Posting Strategy 

Content should be a healthy mix of videos, photos, text, and trendy forms of media (we’re looking at you Boomerangs). It should be cohesive, bring your brand’s voice to life, engage, entertain, and draw people into your profiles. But more than that, content should be consistent. 

Deciding on your posting strategy goes far beyond just what you’ll post, it includes how often you’ll post, when you’ll post your prime content, and your level of consistency over time. 

Create a plan and stick to that plan for a while to see how it works—our next tips will help you work out any kinks that might arise (and please, definitely expect some when you first start this process).

Test & Analyze 

Social media isn’t a science, but you can use the data derived from it to tweak your strategy as needed. Make sure you’re not just posting, you’re evaluating how those posts are doing, what’s working, and what needs extra attention. 

Remember, the more you post, the more data you’ll be able to evaluate, so post often and then evaluate what you can with social media analytical tools. Most platforms have these tools built-in, but for a next-level, in-depth analysis, we suggest finding some third-party applications. 

Automate Where You Can

Social media strategy can become a much lighter burden when you opt for automating your content. Our advice? Batch your social media efforts when you can. 

Schedule time at the beginning of each week or month to create the content you’ll need—then, plan ahead. There are tons of third-party applications that you can download and integrate into whatever marketing system you’re working with. 

Simply plug in the information at the beginning of the month, schedule your content, and let the automation apps do their work. 

Focus on Engagement 

Don’t just schedule and post consistently but never engage. You need to be a presence on social media—not just someone who posts and then disappears. Comment back to your followers, engage with similar accounts, answer and send direct messages. 

Remember, social media isn’t just a board you pin pretty things to—it’s a messaging board, too. It’s a way to directly communicate with your audience—don’t waste this opportunity!  

Have you successfully created a kickass social media strategy for your barbering business? Well—tell us how you did it! Drop a comment in the reply section below and share away, friends.

Whether you offer incredibly technical tips or just words of encouragement, know that your fellow barbering community absolutely appreciates anything you share! 

Remember, we’re all in this together—that should make the scary world of social media less daunting, right? We think so.

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