Signs It’s Time to Move Your Barbering Business to a New Location

In this image is a barbershop that a barber is considering moving to a new location.

There comes a time in the lives of many successful businesses when changes must be made in order for the success to continue. From expanding your operation and adding a second location to rethinking your digital identity and marketing, your barbershop is no exception to this rule—sometimes, you have to mix things up to see your business flourish.

The location of your barber shop is a defining characteristic of your business. It serves as the physical space where you host clients, interact with the community, and use your hard-earned skills to make a living. For some barbers, the shop becomes synonymous with their business and even their identity.

In other words, it’s easy to become tied to your location, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid moving your barbering business when it could benefit you. Whether you’re ready to part ways or feel an aching in your chest when you think about leaving your current shop behind, you should consider the following signs that it’s time to move your barbering business to a new location.

How to Know When It’s Time to Move Your Barber Shop

If you’re on the fence about moving your business or simply searching for a way to shake things up, you’ll want to stay on the lookout for the following telltale signs that it’s time to go. Every barbering business is different, so you should take your unique factors into account, but the signs below are worth considering regardless of the position your business is in.

You’ve Outgrown Your Current Space

This would be a positive sign that it’s time to move your barbering business. If you have grown your barber shop to the point that space is at a premium, it most likely means that you have found success and need more room to accommodate colleagues, host customers, and display products in your retail section.

A lack of space can not only prevent you from growing further but can also make your shop feel crowded and cluttered. This can be a deterrent for clients and smother the mood and productivity of the people working in your shop. Finding a more suitable shop with enough space to accommodate your current and future needs is paramount.

You’re Being Priced Out

It’s no secret that factors like rising rent and utility costs can play a major role in your ability to stay in your current location. Even if you can afford these necessary expenses, allocating a greater and greater percentage of your budget to them can nullify your potential growth and place undue stress on your business.

Finding a new location with lower overhead can provide the financial relief you need to focus on other aspects of your business. This could prove incredibly valuable in the long run.

You Can Move to Your Dream Location

It’s rare that a small business immediately sees its dream realized. Things happen in phases, businesses grow, and goals are met over time. The same principle applies to location—it’s uncommon for a barbering business to have its ideal location from its inception.

If you find your business in a position to secure your dream location, that is a fantastic accomplishment and a definite sign you should consider moving. After all, opportunities like that are few and far between!

Your Customers are Calling

Even if you love your current shop and location, uprooting your business to be closer to your customers may be worth it in the long run. Because the vast majority of your business is conducted in person (all of it if you don’t have an online retail presence), it’s essential to consider your customers, including their proximity to your shop.

If your barbering business relies on foot traffic, this is a vital part of success. Unless your shop is convenient and accessible, you may not receive the number of clients you need to thrive. As a result, your shop may not reach its full potential. If you have a lot of repeat customers, you will want to provide them with ease and eliminate as many obstacles for them as possible, including the distance they have to travel to visit your shop.

You’re Planning for the Future

Recognizing the limitations of your current barber shop location can be bittersweet. If you’re planning for the future, however, you may need to consider moving preemptively to give your business room to expand, your clients a better experience, and your shop a fresh start in a place with more potential. Planning ahead is a legitimate reason to move your barbering business, just don’t let your ambition outpace your means.

Moving your barbering business is a big leap. Looking for the signs mentioned above can give you some indication of whether or not now is the right time to uproot and find a new location or not. We hope this guide serves you well and encourage you to subscribe to NAOB for more barbering information and insights. You can also check out our blog, where we share more barber shop tips, tricks, and trends.

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