Barbershop Technology and Customer Experience

A barber cuts her client's hair while talking about the latest tech in the barbering industry.

Technology has inundated nearly every aspect of life and society. From the supercomputer in your pocket to the way we create and maintain relationships, much of the world has moved to a digital space or been heavily influenced by technological innovation in some form.

This trend is reflected in business, as well. From tech startups taking the world by storm to the way companies interact with their customers to increased efficiency in daily operations, the influence of technology in the world of business cannot be understated.

While barbering remains a tactile, in-person industry focused on relationships, physical skills, and creativity, it has also been impacted by technology. Don’t get us wrong; barbering will always center around the human element. However, there are many technologies that can make your job easier and improve the customer experience at your shop.

Using Technology for Better Barbering

If you want to implement technology into the operations of your barber shop, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll cover the top technological innovations that can transform the way you do business and improve the experience you provide your customers.

From behind-the-scenes tools that make everything more streamlined to enhancing the way you select and deliver precision haircuts, the brief guide below is packed with interesting and valuable examples of how technology can be included in the way you barber.

Envision Fresh Cuts with Augmented Reality

How often do clients come to you with little to no idea of what style of haircut they want? While it’s natural for customers to rely on your expertise when choosing a new style, it can be frustrating to go through the process time after time, only to have some clients be unhappy with the result.

Now, you have tools at your disposal that can help avoid these uncomfortable situations and ensure your customers receive a style that appeals to them. Using augmented reality, these tools allow you and your client to visualize specific cuts on the client themselves. While not perfect, the ability to preview what particular styles will look like saves time and helps prevent stress and undesirable outcomes.

It can take time and experimentation to grow accustomed to using these augmented reality tools. Some clients may enjoy the benefits, while others may be resistant. With some trial and error, this technology can improve the customer experience at your shop and keep you on the leading edge of barbering innovation.

Streamline Your Services with Scheduling and Bookkeeping Tools

A positive customer experience isn’t always glamorous. Sure, offering augmented reality as a service is exciting and new, but the daily operating systems your barber shop relies on are arguably more impactful in the grand scheme of the barbering experience you provide.

Products and services that make scheduling, bookkeeping, and other integral operations as simple and streamlined as possible make the interactions customers have with your shop pleasant. Additionally, they free up your time and resources to allocate elsewhere, including better customer relations. By saving time and stress, these programs keep daily tasks smooth and efficient.

It may not be glamorous, but such technological developments play a major role in a successful business these days, barber shops included!

Implement Reward Programs to Keep Clients Happy

Reward programs have been used for many years to further customer relationships, encourage repeat business, and say thank you to loyal clients. While the stamp or punch card system is still relevant, technology has created an opportunity to automate the reward process and add customization and flexibility to such programs.

From varying rewards based on spending to offering a spectrum of rewards ranging from haircuts to styling products, technology gives you a platform where customers can interact with the program, work toward goals, and redeem rewards with ease. It also allows you to develop a custom program that fits your style and business model. In other words, you can personalize such programs to fit your needs and your customers’ preferences, motivate repeat business, and make the entire system streamlined and fun.

Take to Social Media for Connecting with Clients

Social media is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with current and potential clients in creative ways. Marketing in this way is effective, but beyond client acquisition, social media gives your barber shop a platform to create a digital brand, share your work, and interact with people in a meaningful manner.

It can be time-consuming, but this single example of technology has turned the business world on its head. Your barber shop may find success without it, but the potential advantages are more than worth the effort to start and consistently utilize your social media platforms of choice.

There’s no question that technology has revolutionized how business is conducted. Barbering is still a physical industry, but the innovation brought to it by technology shouldn’t be overlooked. By implementing some of the technologies discussed above, you can set your shop up for long-term success.

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