What You Need to Know About Adding Barber Facials to Your Service List

Think about it. Most barbers are making a good chunk of their money offering beard and shaving services. And, of course, that makes sense–your services should fit your target market. 

It’s likely if you’re a barber, you’re (in most cases) marketing toward people with beards that need some attention and TLC, right? 

You’re already working on a client’s face, so we ask you–why wouldn’t you offer some sort of skin service that works to improve not just the appearance of your client's skin but also the overall health? 

That’s where facials come in. 

Listen, we get it–you probably wouldn’t necessarily lump the whole facial service into the barbering thing, but it actually melds and mixes a lot better than you might initially think. 

To us, it’s a no-brainer. Not only do barbering facials help your client’s shave actually look better (you’re reducing irritation, moisturizing, etc.), but you’re also tacking on a beneficial service that can make you more money. 

It’s sort of a win-win, right?

If you’re curious about adding facials to your service list, want to know more about facials, and are interested in what steps you need to take to make this happen in your shop, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading and get ready to learn a whole lot of facial information–you (and your clients) can thank us later.

The Benefits of Barbering Facials

If you’re new to the world of facials, we’ll break it down pretty simple to set up some foundational knowledge. 

A facial is some sort of set of cosmetology treatments designed to help exfoliate the skin, remove impurities, extract dead skin, and leave hydrated, beautiful skin in its wake. Of course, there are at least (no exaggeration) one million different combinations, and every facial has a different goal, but ultimately, facials are designed to improve the health and appearance of someone’s skin on their face. 

Pretty simple, right?

But what exactly are the benefits of facials–you know, the things you’ll want to tell your clients to convince them to give this treatment a go?

Start with facts like this–facials can: 

  • Prevent and treat acne or inflamed skin

  • Reduce and prevent signs of aging

  •  Reduce and diminish signs of aging 

  • Treat and prevent razor burn

  • Hydrate dry, irritated skin 

  • Brighten and exfoliate the skin 

And honestly, that’s just the shortlist. Facials have been a proven way to improve skin for centuries, and they are definitely services your clients are going to be interested in–even if they don’t know it yet. 

But of course, the benefits for your clients’ skin aren’t the only actual benefits you’ll see from adding facials to your service list. Nope, you’ll also see advantages like:

  • Access to a new target market 

  • Converting single-service customers to several-service customers

  • An influx in profit 

  • New, fresh services that update your service list 

  • Opportunity for regular, scheduled appointments with clients 

There’s much money to be made when it comes to offering an add-on service like a facial–you’ve just got to invest in its potential! 

What You Should Know Before You Add Barbering Facials to Your Repertoire

It’s Going to Take Some Trial and Error

Remember what it was like to start your barbering career?

You likely didn’t just jump onto the scene and take over, right? You made errors, you figured things out, and the learning curve was probably pretty steep. 

Well, this is (likely) going to be a brand-new service for you–and that means you’re due for a bit of trial and error. 

Be patient, remember you’re learning, and know that if this new service doesn’t happen flawlessly at first, there’s no harm in that. 

Give yourself a little grace–the potential is limitless; you just need a little time to get your facial routine down.

Learning From & Training Under an Esthetician Can Only Help 

Don’t scoff at learning from a differently trained expert. 

A cosmetologist or esthetician who has experience in this department could be the biggest boon to your progress. Do you know a talented cosmetologist or esthetician in your network who would be able to take you on as an apprentice? Ask them! Pay them. 

Or sign up for a few classes to figure out the ins and outs. Learning from people more experienced than you is always a good idea–especially when it comes to a service you’re pretty inexperienced with.

You’ll Likely Need to Push This Service at First  

Depending on the vibe of your barbershop, you might need to push this service a little before it takes off. We mean, you might need to anticipate this will take a little marketing knowledge to ensure this service reaps its full potential. 

Does that mean offering it free to regular customers? Maybe. Does that mean setting up deals and discounts that work in with other services? Totally. Show off that marketing prowess you’ve got to get this service in your clients’ regulations.

You Might Need to Add to Your License 

This may not be the case, but you’ll definitely need to check to make sure your current barbering license allows you to offer these services. 

In most cases, you’re probably OK–but that’s something you’ll want to find out first. 

This way, you can plan accordingly if you need to take a course, pass a test, or pay a fee to add this to your list of licensed capabilities. 

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