The Best Barbering Podcasts for 2020

Educational Resources for Improving Your

Barbering Game This Year

If you’re anything like us, you can’t resist the opportunity to better yourself, your business, and your barbering talent. In fact, we absolutely can’t turn down any kind of educational opportunity. That means when it comes to things like expos, trade shows, new licenses, barbering workshops, we’ll jump at the chance to learn all that we can.

But you know what else we love that’s just as beneficial for learning without involving a huge chunk of financial investment as well as time out from your busy schedule? Podcasts.

Fam—we are officially on-board the podcast bandwagon. Did you know that there are tons of podcasts out there that are solely dedicated to the barbering business? Podcasts that are produced and hosted by some of the top barbers in the game offering free education that’s invaluable to your barbering future?

Yeah—they exist, and we’re bringing you the rundown you need on a few of the must-listen podcasts (in our opinion) that are absolutely overflowing with the barbering knowledge you need to up your game and start barbering better than ever.

The Barber Session

A podcast that labels itself as the podcast specifically by barbers for barbers, The Barber Session brings a unique perspective to the wonderful world of barbering. Hosted by  Chris Bossio and Christian Perez, The Barber Sessions is all about bringing you front and center to the hot happenings in the barbering world.

On this show, both hosts will interview the biggest names in barbering history, conduct barbering product reviews, and provide you with insight on what’s necessary to become a successful barber—both behind the chair and in your day-to-day life.

Barbershop Talk Like Diss

This highly entertaining—and also super educational—podcast brings together two of Hollywood’s funniest barbers into a single space to talk about the ins-and-outs of the barbershop biz. Barbershop Talk Like Diss is hosted by Dice and Trey 2, famous barbers who’ve seen it all and have essentially been there and done that in the world of barbering.

Their show is a colorful combination of hilarious situations, plenty of comedic relief, interviews with barber-related businesses, and of course, a healthy dose of their unique insight on having what it takes to be a badass barber this day in age.

The Cut Game Radio Show 

Hosted by, Tayari Edwards A.K.A. Groom City. The Cut Game Radio Show gives you a unique prospective regarding the art & science of barbering, from product companies, film & television, hair trade shows, and the barbers who continue to service their community, as well as, interviews from celebrity barbers and stylist.

You will want to give this podcast a listen to be motivated, educated and inspired to elevate your barbering career!

Did we miss a standout barbering podcast? Well hell, don’t let us get away with that—let us know in the comment section which barbering podcast is a must-listen for all our barbering babes and bros in the biz.

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