The Social App Clubhouse + The Barber Industry

How The Social App Clubhouse Can

Positively Impact the Barber Industry

Does the term Clubhouse ring a bell?

No—we’re not talkin’ about the cool fort that you and your siblings set up when you were kids, we’re talking about the social media platform. Never heard of it? Familiar with it but very new to it? Either way, don’t sweat it—because today we’re diving into a brief explanation of Clubhouse, why it matters, and most importantly, how it could positively impact the barber industry.

Don’t get us wrong—we’re not just trying to sing the praises of all social media platforms. We definitely understand if you’re rolling your eyes at the news of a new digital platform that you’ll have to get familiar with. Having a shop to run, a career to build, and a life to live doesn’t always make learning the latest and greatest social media platform a must.

But we’re here to argue in favor of Clubhouse—don’t worry, we’ve got reasons.

Ultimately, even though Clubhouse might seem a little annoying when you first dive in, we truly think it’s got the potential to be a fantastic tool for barbers, educators, mentors, and people who truly want to learn.

Want to know why we think so? Keep reading!

But First—What is Clubhouse?

Think of Clubhouse like you’d think of any other social media network—it’s a place to connect, share, and engage. But here’s the exception that makes Clubhouse special—it’s a networking platform based entirely on voice.

Yep. It’s all audio all day—no videos, no photos, no DMs.

Think about Clubhouse like a hosting site for a ton of glorified chatrooms full of people talking about specific topics. Imagine listening to a live podcast on a specific topic, then jumping into another live podcast on a totally different topic. When you’re on Clubhouse, you have the opportunity to hop around and listen to chats, but you can also host them, too.

Here’s the breakdown on how it works.

Whoever hosts the chat controls it. If participants who are listening want to contribute, the host has to approve that request. Otherwise, it’s pretty simple. You can follow other users, view their profiles, and the app will even use its algorithm to connect you with topics and people that you might be interested in.

Here’s the last differentiator for Clubhouse—it’s strictly invite-only. In other words, no single person can just sign up and hop on Clubhouse to join the party like you can with other apps—you legit have to be invited from an existing user, meaning that access can be tough to come by and that this platform gives off exclusive vibes.

How Clubhouse Could Impact the Barbering Industry

Understanding Clubhouse a little better? Excellent. Now that you’ve got some foundational knowledge on the app, we’re going to explain why we believe Clubhouse is a beneficial platform for barbers like you (and the entire industry, actually).

You Can Host Credential Building Chat Rooms

Building credibility isn’t as straightforward as we’d like. But with apps like Clubhouse, you can kickstart that journey pretty seamlessly. Whether you’re trying to make your way into the education realm, want to be an influencer, or are looking for mentees, Clubhouse is a great spot for all of those endeavors.

Clubhouse has a casual but authoritative vibe that helps you better connect with the people who are looking to learn about topics you’re an expert on. It’s not like putting out a podcast to the universe and hoping to catch some listeners—Clubhouse is a space where people are there to learn your niche, you’re almost guaranteed to be connected with the right people.

More People = More Reach

Clubhouse gives you what other social media platforms give you—reach. Even though it might feel weird because Clubhouse is only audio, this platform opens the door for you to get access to new markets and new people.

With both reach and visibility, you can find your way to new customers, make new connections, boost your career, and network like never before.

Set Up Private Networking Events

This is a great, safe, and collaborative way to get to know the mentors you want to learn from, the barbers you admire, and the influencers you idolize. Join interviews, start panels, gather groups of professionals, and set up safe, productive events where you can mingle and network.

Collaborative Shop Tool

Ever wish you could meet up with your team together? Right now that might feel impossible, which means town hall meetings and round-table discussions can be tough to come by.

While there are some ways you can get the whole team together (group calls, Skype, etc.), that’s not always easy, either—how hard is it to not talk over everyone? With Clubhouse, you can host successful, productive meetings that are exclusive to your staff—it’s a safe way for your team to gather in one place without actually gathering in one place.

Overall, consider us #TeamClubhouse when it comes to the barbering industry. If you get an invite, we highly recommend taking your inviter up on their offer—even if it’s not your thing, you should definitely give it a go to see how you can optimize it for your career.

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