Takeaways from NAOB Barber’s Salary Guide

The Top 4 Takeaways from the NAOB Barber’s Salary Guide

What You’ll Learn When You Download the Barber Salary Guide 

If you’re a barber—whether you’ve been one for a while or you’re just starting out—you probably know how full of potential your career choice is—especially when it comes to salary. But there’s a huge difference in knowing that and achieving that—that’s why we’re here to help.

For the last few years, The National Association of Barbers has been creating barbering liability policies that make barbers’ lives easier, their careers better protected, and their savings more substantial. But that’s not all we do.

We’re also proud to help each and every one of our barbering members (and beyond) on their journey to become more successful, meet their goals, and expand their careers the way they want. And guess what? This time, we’re talkin’ salary.

If making more money and build a big-bad-barbering career are both things you’re striving for, then you’ll be glad you found this article. Today, we’re diving into a few reasons why you should download NAOB’s The Ultimate Guide: Boosting Your Salary in the Barber Industry.

Look, we get that you’re busy and you’ve got a lot going on—it’s not like you always have the time to ready things willy-nilly. That’s why we wanted to offer up this article to clearly lay out what you can expect when you download this eBook—that way, you know you’re not wasting your time, you’re gaining valuable insight, actionable tips, and real advice on how you can boost your salary.

Keep reading to learn the top takeaways you’ll come away with when you download our NAOB Barber’s Salary Guide—we’re willing to bet once you see what the eBook offers, you’ll be ready to download ASAP.

The Top Takeaways From the NAOB Barber’s Salary Guide

Before we begin, we want to point out one quick (but important!) thing—this guide isn’t a how-to-get-rich-quick situation. Instead, it’s a resource that’ll teach you how to avoid waste, monitor your costs, and amp up your salary. We’ll even offer some post-money-making advice that’s sure to help you allocate all that boosted salary cash you end up with.

Takeaway #1: Figuring Out Your Perfect Clientele

This section of our eBook is going to take a deep dive into everything you need to know about targeting your perfect-for-you clientele. Because, spoiler alert, being a jack-of-all-trades isn’t always the right business strategy. We’ll even go ahead and give you the blunt advice we offer in the book right here, right now—don’t try to do it all, even if you’re, like, really damn good at it.

The main goal of narrowing down your niche and choosing the right clientele is to help you make more without working more—AKA, if you’re advancing your career by working more and making less, you’re probably not hitting your target market all that well. That’s where this section is definitely going to provide you with that much-needed guidance.

Takeaway #2: Cutting Out Wasted Expenses

Sure, you might be making money—but what does it matter if you’re wasting it? This part of the guide is going to take a good, hard look at the expenses you might be coughing up your cash for that could be totally unnecessary.

This section of the book is all about helping you make smarter decisions, leaning into the right type of frugality, and boosting your salary. We’ll dive into what you should do about money-wasters like no-show appointments, expensive lunches and snacks, and most importantly, your back bar product.

If you’re sitting there reading this and thinking, “yeah, right—there’s no way that examining those things can help me making a six-figure salary,” then friend, we’ve got some news for you, because it totally can.

Barbers who are committed to making bank are focused on the grind, and part of that grind is consistently examining your wasted expenses. This guide will definitely get you on the right track.

Takeaway #3: Deciding on the Right Barber Liability Insurance

Speaking of wasted expenses, let’s talk liability insurance. Don’t get us wrong—the right type of liability insurance that actually covers you is never a wasted expense.

If you’re losing a ton of money on terrible coverage, well, that’s going to be an enormous cost-suck—and that’s not how high-paid barbers do business.

This section of the eBook is going to really give you important insight on how the right type of liability insurance can be an investment while the wrong type could potentially ruin your financial gains.

Takeaway #4: Top Tips for Making More Money

And of course, this eBook is going to dive into that real-deal stuff—tips on how barbers can start making more money ASAP. Again, this book isn’t going to spout off about some get-rich-quick schemes, but it is going to teach you how you can stand out, market yourself, and allocate your resources to make more money.

From focusing on the right niches and raising your prices to investing in marketing and crafting referral programs, we’ve got a lot of actionable insight that we know will help you get closer to that salary you’re after.

Ready to dive in and download our Salary Guide? Do it right here, right now! Do us a favor, though? If you end up downloading and implementing these tips, come back to this blog and leave us a comment letting us know how it worked out. Have some other tips for making more money—share them with your fellow barbering community below!

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