Start Your Barber Shop 2021 Planning Now

Get Ahead Of The New Year, Start Planning For 2021

We’ve all been begging for 2020 to end. The months have felt like they’ve dragged on, the earliest part of the year felt like an actual decade, and as we approach the finish line of the year, the majority of us are probably all shouting out with joy, ready and thrilled for the promise 2021 is going to bring us.

Anything’s probably going to be better than this last year, right?

But here’s the deal—stellar years don’t just happen. You make them happen.

That means if you haven’t been putting any planning effort into the upcoming year, it’s likely you’re setting yourself up for a smidge of disappointment. As much as we wish that as soon as we all cross the 2020 finish line and sprint into 2021 that things will improve, the reality is, if we’re not ready, nothing’s going to change.

That’s why planning for 2021 right now—yeah, we said it, right freakin’ now—is so incredibly important for barbers like you.

The cosmetology industry has had a rough go this year—2021 can be so, so much better. But that’s going to take some planning, some patience, and some perseverance.

A successful barbering career isn’t a sprint—it’s more about a marathon. It requires a solid pace, dedication, and commitment to success. But there’s no harm in treating this last month of 2020 like a dash—you’ll need focus, drive, and the ultimate burst of last-minute energy to carry you through to victory.

Why You Should Kickstart the 2021 Planning Process

Get Ahead of the Game

Want 2021 to go according to plan? Greet with a strategy. If you renter into the year without any semblance of a plan, any goals, or any ideas of where you want the year to go, you’re going to spend that first part of the year trying to figure all of that out. Why not start out with a clear direction, attainable goals, and lots of strategy? You’ll be ahead of the game before it even starts!

Give Yourself Time to Plan for the Unexpected

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict a damn thing. If you were like most of us this year, you likely didn’t have a contingency plan for a pandemic (like, who did?). But we can use 2020 as a lesson and start better preparing ourselves for planning in 2021. No, we’re not saying you should count on serious global disasters, but we are saying that when you start planning now, you give yourself time to strategize what you’ll do and how you’ll do it should something insane happen in 2021.

Free Up Your Holidays

After the year we’ve had, you guys, we all need a freakin’ break. As a barber who’s super in-demand, it’s unlikely you’re going to take a traditional 2-weeks off come holiday time—that means you need to find holiday off-time wherever you can. If you can accomplish your 2021 planning before the holiday season hits, you’re basically giving yourself the ultimate gift—more free time to do what you want.

Start 2021 Off Ready to Rumble

Show 2021 what you’re made of by already having a plan in place. It doesn’t need to be an entire year’s worth of detailed outlines, but having a basic set of goals and knowing what you’re working toward can do wonders for your morale, your staff’s mindset, and your year as a whole.

2021: How to Start Planning 

Review All Your 2020 Data & Files

Yep—it’s going to suck, but you have to do it. Reviewing your 2020 year might be painful and tough, but it’s necessary for better planning. See where you lost money, where you saved money, how you adapted, how you cared for your customers—take a comprehensive look at the last year and figure out what worked and what didn’t. Then, apply those lessons to 2021. This means finances, marketing, customer service, etc. All facets of your business need to be evaluated!

Don’t Forget to Keep Records for the End of Year

Because you’re getting a jump-start on your planning, you’re leaving off a majorly important month—December. This is something you’re going to want to review in January (without question). Our advice? Don’t get so caught up in planning for 2021 that you forget to keep accurate records of the last, tiny bit of 2020. Your 2021 plans will thank you for staying vigilant and thorough.

List Out 2021 Goals

Start dreaming, brainstorming, and goal setting. Creating attainable, but ambitious, goals is a big part of the planning process! Every barber’s goals are different, but they all need to be met in order to find success.

Create a Timeline & Step-by-Step Plan for Achieving Those Goals

Don’t just write down your goals and walkaway—set yourself up for success by creating actionable plans and timelines to put yourself to work. Goals exist for a reason—to help you drive forward. Help yourself even more by creating plans you can put into action, little by little, to ensure you meet those.

Are you ahead of the 2021 planning game? Or are you totally dreading starting the process?

Look, we get it—planning might not be everyone’s cup of tea (especially after an unprecedented year), but it’s a must for your barbering success.

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