Scary Scenarios Barbers Can be Liable For

Do you know what’s super spooky? Knowing that no matter what, as a barber, you’re stuck with inherent liability you can’t shake. Want to know what’s even spookier? Not knowing what those circumstances are that could cost you your license, career, your money, and your future.

Now that’s scary. At least, we think so. If you’re new to the liability thing, we’ll break it down super quick. As a barber, you’re taking on inherent liability that you can’t really get rid of. That’s just sort of the deal when it comes to working with people–especially in the close proximity that barbers like you do. 

That’s scary, right? Of course, it is. But what’s scarier is being unaware of the situations, allegations, and incidents that you are liable for. 

What’s the solution? Knowledge. Make sure you’re aware of where your liability lies, what you can do to stop bad things from happening, and of course, how you can combat risk with a kickass barbering liability insurance policy.

Ready to learn more? We’ve got you. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the spooky situations that barbers like you could be on the hook for. 

You Might be Liable for These Spooky Situations

Children Getting Hurt in Your Shop 

This is a tough one because no one wants to be the bad guy and tell their clients they can’t bring their kids to the shop. But here’s the thing–kids are prone to accidents, getting in trouble, and hurting themselves. And here’s the even tougher thing. Kids getting hurt in your shop can be your fault and fall under your liability. 

Even if you put up the necessary signage, make sure that you do everything in your power to set the dangerous stuff on high shelves, and even encourage your customers not to bring kids into your shop, the fact remains that if a child gets hurt, it’s more than likely on you! 

How can you combat this? Make sure you’ve got a bulletproof liability insurance policy that assists you if and when something unfortunate or unintended happens. 

Want to make sure people can bring kids in the salon without footing the bill for problems that pop up? Make sure you come up with some strict rules that parents aren’t just aware of but sign off on those circumstances, so they’re aware you’re not liable for rule breaking and issues that arise. 

Spooky Slips ‘N’ Falls

Slip ‘n’ falls happen–that’s why there’s an entire, broad section of liability insurance (called general liability insurance) that accounts for accidents like this. Even if accidents like this aren’t inherently your fault, if something bad happens in your space, that falls under things you’re liable for. 

These situations aren’t always cut and dry, either. Maybe you did something on accident (like forget to put up a wet floor sign). Maybe you didn’t do anything at all and someone just caught the wrong end of a rug on the floor. 

Look, people trip and fall–whether that’s your fault or not is sort of up to the circumstances. But unfortunately, no matter where the blame lies, you could be on the hook for covering the damages.

Investing in quality general liability insurance is the most seamless way to ensure you’re taken care of in the case of something like this happening. 

Need more information on this? We’ve got you. Check out some of our resources on general liability insurance here: 

Accidental AND Alleged Damage 

A lot of barbers understand that when accidental stuff happens, they’re on the hook for it–what many fail to realize is that even alleged issues can fall on their shoulders, too. 

That’s right–even if you don’t do anything wrong and nothing bad actually happens, someone might accuse you of an alleged issue anyway. Why? Well, sometimes people suck–and that’s totally out of your control.

What can you control? Having the right insurance to back you up if an alleged incident occurs is the only way to ensure that you’re not left fighting the fight on your own. 

If something alleged does happen, you likely need to go through proceedings to figure out fault–and even if you come out on top, you’re likely going to be dealing with the costs of that. 

Your insurance policy can help you with this!

Employee Incidents 

Did you know that your employees are extensions of you? We’re sure you did. But did you know that if your employees do something wrong (accidentally or even allegedly), you could be on the hook for dealing with the repercussions?  

It’s true. But you can mitigate some of this risk by adding your employees as additional insureds to your policy. In this case, you’re protected even if your employees make a mistake. Without this coverage, you could be stuck dealing with the repercussions out of your own pocket. 

Have questions about your own policy? Looking for answers about what makes a great barbering liability insurance plan? No matter what questions you have, we’ve got answers. Chat with one of our reps today to understand insurance better. Or, explore our site and peruse our insurance to learn more about our policy today! 

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