National Insurance Awareness Day: Why Barbers Need Liability Insurance

Listen up, barber pros, because we’re here to drop information for you about one of our all-time favorite days.

OK, no, it’s not a real holiday. But it’s a day that matters and means a ton to us. And more than that, we think it should mean a ton to you, too.

If you guessed that this day has something to do with insurance, well, what can we say–you must know us all too well. Here’s the deal. June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day.

It’s a huge deal because it’s a day where we can drop as much knowledge as possible to help barbers as you thrive in ways they never anticipated. 

Maybe you know a little about barbering liability insurance. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard the term. No matter where you’re at on your insurance journey, we absolutely encourage you to read this article and learn just a touch more about why barber insurance day. 

Join us in celebrating this day, beef up your insurance knowledge, and share this article with your barber colleagues to help us spread insurance awareness! 

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Barbers Need Liability Insurance: Here’s Why

To kick this off, let’s drop a little helpful knowledge about why barbers need liability insurance. Let’s just lay out some serious facts to get this list going. 

Barbers need liability insurance because: 

  • Sometimes it’s required by law. Sometimes it’s not. We don’t make the rules, but if you wanna be a pro, you do have to abide by them. 
  • Your landlord or your employer might require it. We know what you’re thinking–wouldn’t the employer offer you insurance? Maybe. But we like to think of liability insurance as an umbrella. It’s meant to protect the person holding it. And if your employer is holding the umbrella, that means they’re firmly planted beneath its protection–you might be “under the umbrella,” but you’re definitely not directly underneath. That means if a bad storm comes, you’re bound to get wet. All that to say, you need protection that prioritizes you–just like your employer is going to invest in protection that prioritizes them. 
  • S*** happens. Like it or not, it’s true. You might be the world’s most experienced barber, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to making mistakes. And worse, that doesn’t mean someone isn’t going to accuse you of making a mistake. So, yeah, bad things happen, and you need to be covered if they do happen to you. 
  • You took an assumed risk the moment you became a barber. Once again, like it or not, you’re stuck with assumed, inherent risk just based on the career you chose. Is that a bad thing? Not if you’ve got insurance that covers you in case something goes wrong. 
  • The success of your business depends on it. You could be in the best position possible when an allegation changes everything. Whether you did something wrong or not, you’re stuck with the responsibility of handling the financial and legal repercussions of that problem. If you’re handling it without coverage, that all falls on your shoulders. That can set your career (and your business) back by miles. If an insurance policy has you covered and is handling all of that for you, you’re less likely to feel those repercussions. 

What is Barbering Liability Insurance?

Barbering liability insurance is essentially a safety net that we hope you never have to use–but that we really want you to have just in case something happens. 

There are three main types of liability insurance that barbers should know about: product liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and general liability insurance. For the sake of brevity, we’ll drop a few important notes about the most common two types, general liability, and professional liability insurance.  

General Liability Insurance 

We tend to think of general liability insurance as coverage that takes care of you when something happens that’s outside of your professional control. For example, general liability coverage is often called “trip ‘n’ fall” or “slip ‘n’ fall” insurance because it tackles accidents or allegations of accidents that happen near, around, or in your place of business. The kicker? These risks are not the results of your professional services. 

Professional Liability Insurance 

Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, revolves strictly around what you do as a barber. Professional liability insurance covers you for allegations and claims surrounding your barber services. In other words, professional barber liability insurance covers you for claims of negligence, incompetence, or misconduct that resulted in some sort of alleged damage or harm. 

Love what you learned in this blog? We sure hope so. If you’re on your barber liability insurance journey, allow us to direct you to a top-notch company that helps barbers like you protect themselves against industry-specific risks. 

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