New Year, New Barber In You

New Year, New Schedule: 

How to Set Yourself Up for a Healthy 2021

Alright, barbers, put the shears down and step away from the clippers—we’ve got something very important to discuss before we dive any deeper into 2021.

It’s certainly no secret that the start of the new year is a mega-busy time for you. And we’re sure there are very few complaints about the income boost, the number of customers you get to help, and the increase in productivity. 

If you’re craving time-off, stability, and like, four seconds without someone sitting down in your chair, know that you’re not alone. You’re probably trying to figure out how to balance getting the big bucks with having some semblance of a personal life—and honestly, you’re probably trying to figure out how to start 2021.

That’s where we come in.

We’re offering a few schedule-saving lifehacks to help you make that money you’re after, bring in that holiday and new year bonus, and actually have a personal life.

You think it can’t be done? TBH, it’s not going to be perfect all the time—seriously, there’s no such thing as perfect balance when it comes to your work-life and your home-life. But if you’re on the self-improvement train and you’re ready to hack your schedule to keep things organized, balanced, and—let’s face it—sane, you’re in the right place.

Today’s tips are all about building up a fool-proof schedule—one that’s going to help keep your life in order, ensure you don’t overwork yourself, and also balance your other life stuff.

Give these tips a skim—you might really like what you see.

Create Realistic Appointment Scheduling Blocks

Whether you take appointments or you only allow walk-ins, make sure you’re blocking out appropriate times of your schedule that are dedicated to customers. But here’s the catch—don’t just write down 10 AM-5 PM on a Monday. Really think about what hours you’re actually available.

The hours where you don’t have to pick up your kids, the hours where you could be spending time at home, the hours where you should be heading to the gym for a quick workout, etc. Ask yourself questions and give yourself realistic answers.

Am I struggling to get adequate nutrition lately? I might not want to schedule my busiest hour during lunch. Do I really hate staying late at the shop to serve that last client of the night? I should probably be strict with my hours ending at 7 PM. 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to bring in those holiday bucks, so keep a few things in mind while you’re scheduling, like:

  • Prime times for holiday bookings—weekends are a must this time of year, so try to work as many as possible while keeping yourself sane.
  • Consider the personal time you’ll be scheduling for yourself (we’ll get to that in a minute)—if there’s a conflict, you can move around your personal time, but you can’t just get rid of it. Make space for it.
  • If you can, make yourself available right before the holidays—but don’t budge on the holidays.

Block Out Your Personal Time ASAP

This is what we like to call a non-negotiable. Look, we get it—sometimes, having your own personal time is a luxury. We’re not saying that you should take the whole month of December off—that would be horrible advice given the influx of holiday customers—but as you stack-up the appointments on your calendar, be sure to keep your personal time in mind.

And of course, we’re not just talking about time to veg out on the couch (though, you’ll want to block off some of that, too).

We’re talkin’ about important things like:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Family time
  • Time-off for non-work activities
  • Mandatory meal breaks
  • Continued education classes
  • Holiday season shenanigans

The list could go on and on. Consider your life and what constitutes personal time—then make sure you’re leaving space in your schedule and actually blocking off that time in your calendar.

List Your Priorities, Then Categorize Them

We’ve all got a long list of to-dos that never seem to end—and sometimes, you just can’t get to them all. Take a look at what you’ve got on your plate and start to categorize them by priority.

Your urgent, can’t-miss stuff should take priority no. 1, some of the lesser things can snag a place on lower tiers. Spend all your time on the most critical priorities first, then move on.

Add-In Important Deadlines and Dates You Can’t Miss

We’re talkin’ bills, we’re talkin’ appointments, we’re talkin’ school plays for your kids—these are the things you absolutely cannot miss (consider them priority no. 1).

Make sure you include these in your calendar so you’re never stuck with the lights off in the shop, with an empty back bar, or running late to your child’s Christmas concert.

Share Your Ambition With Someone

Saying that you’re going to manage your time better is one thing—actually doing it is another.

Try setting yourself up with a little accountability check by sharing your goals with someone who will check on you, hold you accountable, and encourage you on this journey.

Are you ready to tackle 2021 with a whole new attitude on time? We know you’ve got this! 

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