Highlighting New NAOB Member Benefits

The Barbering Benefits You Won’t Believe: 

Highlighting a Few Need-to-Know NAOB Perks

If you know anything—and we mean literally anything—about our team at National Association of Barbers, you probably know this—we freakin’ love member benefits more than anything. If you don’t know anything about us at NAOB, then let us make something super-freakin’-clear—we absolutely love member benefits more than anything.

When we designed our insurance plans specifically for barbers, we primarily wanted to ensure that professionals like you were covered in any and all applicable areas (because, let’s get real, our first and truest love is high quality, industry-specific insurance, as boring as that sounds). Our next highest priority? Putting together an absolutely kickass member benefits package that actively worked in your favor.

You know how other member benefits lists throw a free T-shirt your way and maybe (maybe!) a few industry discounts? Well, we do things a little differently over here, and one peek at our member benefits list will probably be solidified evidence of that.

In our eyes, all of our benefits are badass—but there are some we simply can’t resist highlighting. And TBH, that’s exactly what we’re doing right here, right now. Read on to get an in-depth look at a few of our absolutely favorite member benefits below—and then keep reading to get a full look at the comprehensive list we offer to every single one of our members.

Trust us, you’re going to want to see this.

Some of Our Benefit Faves

OK, OK, so, consider this a *spoiler alert*—we’re big on offering discounts. But we’re not interested in random discounts that don’t apply to your career or your life. We’re more invested in saving you money on things that are like, you know, actually make an impact on your barbering career. That’s why we’re highlighting these discounts below. Trust us, once you start reading, you’ll see why we’re so damn hyped about these.

BarberStrong Apparel Discount

What you wear matters—this advice applies to literally any career, but especially to a barber. And you know what? We’ll just admit it—barbering apparel is pretty freakin’ hard to invest in. Not only is it hard to find apparel that offers a balance of professionalism, comfort, durability, and aesthetic, but, c’mon ya’ll, barbering apparel isn’t cheap.

Enter this very, very curated discount.

When you team up with NAOB, we provide you with a BarberStrong discount code for all the barber apparel you’re after. BarberStrong—if you haven’t heard of it—is an industry-leading barber apparel company that provides durable, comfortable, and top-performing apparel designed to outlast even your longest, most trying days in the shop. As an exclusive NAOB member, you get a unique discount sitewideevery time you buy.

Go ahead, just let that one sink in for a hot sec.

Ivan Zoot, the Clipper Guy Discounts

On the topic of member-specific, exclusive discounts, we bring you yet another—only this time, it’s for something a little more focused on investing in your future. If you’ve never heard of Ivan Zoot, The Clipper Guy, we highly recommend you click right here to get this party started.

Ivan Zoot is an industry legend and an expert in barbering and beauty education and training. He’s also a badass career coach, puts out killer books, tools, and products, and knows how to help barbers like you take their careers to the next level.

Investing in yourself is so crucial to your business and your career—and we don’t want finances to ever get in the way of that. That’s why we offer you an exclusive discount on Ivan Zoot’s entire site—educational, products, and all.

Every Other National Association of Barber Benefit You Need to Know About

Are you catching on? We’re pretty damn invested in providing you with benefits that bring tangible, real-life results to your career. We want to ensure we’re giving you the tools and support you need to bring your dreams to fruition, and member benefits are just one way to do that.

Want to know what else we’ve got waiting for you?

Check out our member benefits blog right here to get a real feel for what we’ve got for you. As a hint, we’ve got things like:

  • Insurance, health, and dental discounts
  • Telehealth plans and short-term health plans
  • Lifestyle deals and discounts 
  • Travel discounts and deals
  • Career and business-related codes and coupons
  • Education and publication access and discounts
  • And so much more!

If you’re reading this blog and thinking to yourself, “I want to get my hands on some of those benefits like ASAP,” then friend, you’re in the right place. If you check out our website, you’ll see some of the insurance options we offer to our barbering community.

A little more clicking around and you can see our full list of member benefits (*cough cough* right here). 

And don’t forget to keep up with us—if you subscribe to NAOB, we send out frequent but non-spammy emails to let you know when we post new blogs, upload more barbering resources, and even when our deals and discounts drop.

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