Social Media Guide: What Your Barber Content Should Look Like

Barbering Social Media Guide: 

What Your Content Should Look Like Across Your Platforms 

Creating a successful barbering social media presence can be a tough job. 

From figuring out how to come up with appealing content to trying to establish the right type of posting strategies across all the platforms you use, it can be challenging to determine what’s right and what’s wrong. The hardest part? There’s so much advice out there on the internet that the real, good, and solid advice can end up being muddled by the less-than-helpful tips.

That’s why we’re here. 

We’re on a mission to simplify, strip down, and streamline some of that info floating around the web to help make things a little bit easier when it comes to coming up with the type of content you should post across your social media platforms. 

Sit back, relax, and don’t let things get complicated—all we’re doing today is looking at the top three considerations to keep in mind when it comes to your barbering social media content. 

The Three Factors to Consider When Creating Social Media Content 

Our best advice to you? Do yourself a favor and don’t overthink it. By that we don’t mean avoid being creative or expressive—people love that stuff. We’re just saying that sometimes, putting too much pressure on yourself can actually do more harm than good.

So remember, there’s no wrong way to go about social media—especially if you keep these three, important things in mind. 

Think About Your Brand Identity First 

If you’re unsure of what should or shouldn’t go on your social media platforms, always start by asking yourself this question—does this align with my brand? As a business, your brand identity is everything—it’s the thing that sets you apart, identifies what you’re all about, and shows your customers what your values are. 

If you don’t yet have a brand identity, we encourage you to go ahead and halt this blog article and get started on this one instead—here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about establishing, fostering, and maintaining your unique brand identity. Then come on right back here to finish up this article. 

Your social media platforms should always (!!) reflect your brand, your visions, your goals, and your missions. In other words, if what you are about to post doesn’t align with your brand, you might want to re-think it. 

Consider Your Audience’s Needs 

Remember, social media platforms are more than just places to post pretty pictures of your badass skills (although, it’s definitely a good spot for it). Social media platforms are also opportunities for direct communication with your clients—both established customers and potential ones. That’s why social media is a fabulous outlet for posting things that directly provide your audience with what they need.

Think about posting educational and informative things on your social media platforms that would benefit your clients. Answer questions, post tutorials, show behind-the-scenes footage to help them better understand your process. This is also a great place to post need-to-know updates and changes about your hours, operation, location, deals and discounts, and so much more.

Always try to directly address what your audience needs on your social media platform because this is typically the place customers look first to have their questions answered.  

Give the Audience What They Want

And of course, don’t forget to give your audience what they want, too! That means fun pictures, lots of compelling content, amazing styles, and your badass barbering skills. 

Make it fun, make it funky, and make it funny! Social media platforms have the potential to be incredibly versatile, so don’t stress being too serious—especially if that’s not the type of audience you want to attract.

Use your social media to showcase your skills, demonstrate your personality, and give your audience an opportunity to connect with you, your brand, and your shop!

Love this type of barbering business advice? Good—because we love to give it.

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