Eco-Friendly Barbershop Products Every Barber Should Know About

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When it comes to barbershop sustainability, we’ve got news for you–eco-friendliness is definitely anything but a trend. 

We’re not here to give you an entire lecture on why sustainability matters (we’re willing to bet you’ve already got your own ideas on sustainability); what we are here to do is help you out in small but impactful ways within your own shop space. 

There are a ton of unique ways out there to make a more sustainable shop happen, but one of the best (and easiest) places to start is with your products. From your back bar to your tools to your retail shop, taking a good, hard look at your products can change the way you accomplish a more sustainable approach to your barbershop biz.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Take a peek at some of our top recommendations for eco-friendly products you can stock your shop with! 

Must-Know Eco-Friendly Barbering Products for Your Barbershop

Ecoheads Showerheads 

Face it; if there was one tool you absolutely couldn’t function without in the shop, it’s the showerhead in your sinks. Unfortunately, this tool also tends to be a giant water waste. The solution? Products like Ecoheads Showerheads. These eco-friendly showerheads are designed to waste about 65% less water and energy–that means even when you’re rinsing color or product from a thick head of hair (and it’s taking forever), you’re still saving water.

The benefits here? Saving water doesn’t just help save the planet (though it does); it also saves you on your water bill. Everybody wins! 

The Salon Chair Guys Eco Salon Furniture Cleaners 

Cleaning your shop chairs is non-negotiable. Still, some of those cleansers out there don’t just have toxic, harsh chemicals that shouldn’t linger in the air; they’re made with ingredients that can actually diminish the life of your shop chairs. Why opt for a cleaner that could potentially cut the lives of your shop chairs short? 

The Salon Guys Eco Furniture Cleaners is a line of fabric-specific cleaners that meet your clean beauty motives–it’s also safe in your salon. This all-natural line cuts the grease and grime without further damaging the environment. Plus, there’s no stinky, chemical smell to deal with, either. 

Paper Not Foils 

We know what you’re thinking–any kind of color is going to need foils. Well, that’s not exactly true. Foils are wasteful and definitely not eco-friendly–that’s where Paper Not Foils comes in. 

These sustainable, organic, and zero-waste manufactured foils are crafted by a green chemist and created using 100% tree-free, upcycled construction waste. Consider this your fully sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to other foils in the barbering industry. 

Olivia Garden EcoHair Paddle 

Yep, we’re going all-in–even down to the brushes you use in your shop. Olivia Garden’s EcoHair Line. These bamboo hairbrushes provide your clients with maximum comfort, are all-natural, and are stronger than brushes made of other materials (they also weigh less–bamboo is amazing). 

The ionic soft cushion on the brushes is anti-static and anti-bacterial–the ion-charged bristles ensure your clients have a gentle and comfortable experience. We love an eco-friendly option that ends up being the best product in the biz (eco-friendly or not). 

Pureology Vinegar Hair Rinse 

Strip impurities from your client’s hair, restore pH balance and leave all the natural oils intact–all while protecting hair color–with Pureology’s Vinegar Hair Rinse. This all-natural rinse specializes in a good, solid cleanse without the use of harsh chemicals. With two main ingredients designed to strip impurities naturally (cactus pear flower extract and apple cider vinegar), you can use this professional solution for in-salon, eco-friendly treatments. 

John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Care Duos 

The John Paul Mitchell Systems Tea Tree Care Duo products don’t just come in recycled paper craft displays, they also benefit Reforst’Action (an organization that plants trees around the world). 

Have your own eco-friendly barbering products you can’t live without?

Let’s hear about them. Drop a comment below in the reply section and share your sustainable secrets with the barbering community you know and love. 

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