The Barber’s Guide to Sharing Beard Basics

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Everybody wants to grow a beard–but not everybody wants to put in the work. 

The good news? You’re a beard pro that’s ready to dish out the must-know tips, tricks, insights, and advice to help your clients grow the best beard yet. Right? 

We’re expecting a super-enthusiastic, yes, but if for some reason you’re struggling to put together a comprehensive list of beard basics that all of your wanna-be-bearded clients need to know, then fret not–we’ve got you covered right here, right now.

What’s this blog going to do, exactly? First things first, it’s going to lay out a few easy-to-understand tips for your clients in a totally accessible and attainable way. In other words, we’re going to lay out the beard basics that every barber knows and wants desperately to share with their customers–all tied up into a neat, little bow! 

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The Beard Basics: The Top Tips to Share with Your Bearded Clients  

Patience is Everything 

If your client is either trying to grow a beard or they’re opting for a specific beard look, the reality is that it's not going to happen overnight. 

As much as you’d probably like to will them the perfect beard, it’s going to take time, patience, and even some proper nutrition (don’t underestimate the way that vitamins, proteins, and more can change the way your beard grows.

But honestly, our top tip for your clients is to make sure they’ve got a realistic grip on the amount of time it will take to grow the look they want. Patience, as they say, is a virtue–even in the beard-growing game. 

Splurge on a Good Beard Oil 

It might seem like a scam, but beard oil can actually make an enormous difference in the rate your beard grows and the condition it maintains. Why? 

Because high-quality beard oils can help you condition the skin that’s underneath your beard, ultimately soothing and nourishing the skin and strengthening the hair follicles to help encourage healthy growth. 

Our advice? Have a few options on deck for your clients that don’t clog pores, which will be especially important for those with sensitive skin. 

They Have to Wash the Beard 

Just like the hair on their head, they’ve got to wash their beard. Sounds basic, we know, but this is actually a very often overlooked facet of the beard-growing game.

You’d be surprised, but a lot of folks growing beards don’t know that they need to shampoo up in the shower–yep, a quick wash here and there isn’t going to promote a long, healthy beard. 

A lot of beard experts actually consider a good wash and condition one of the most important steps in growing and maintaining a beautiful beard. 

Offer up a few of your favorite beard wash suggestions to get the ball rolling. 

Trimming is Key 

This is true even if you’re trying to grow an exceptionally long and bushy beard. Trimming off those split ends or dry spots will help your beard grow, well, better. 

And, of course, unless you’re opting for a totally unkempt look, a trimmer is going to be your best friend to keep everything in line. 

Perfect the Look with the Mustache 

An epic beard is just half the battle–if you want a solid look, you need to keep the supporting cast in mind. In other words, don’t ignore the mustache. 

How can you ensure that you’re complimenting your amazing look with the right ‘stache? Teeny trims every two or three days to keep things looking trimmed. And, of course, your beard products shouldn’t just be used on your beard–make sure you’re sharing the love with your mustache, too. 

The Right Tools Make all the Difference

Yep, if your client wants to grow a fabulous beard, they need to invest in the right tools. That means beard oil (we covered that one), beard wash, a beard comb, a beard brush, a beard trimmer, and maybe even some beard balm. 

Train Your Beard for Best Results 

It might sound silly, but one of the best things you can do for your beard is to train it. Yep, train it–like, literally give it a daily rubdown in the right direction (hint, downward) to get it used to what you want it to do. Is it easy? Absolutely. Is it crucial? Of course. 

Got stubborn hairs that won’t take a hint? Don’t be afraid of a product with a little hold to get it trained, and don’t be shy about using that beard brush, either. 

So, what do you think–is this the new go-to list for all the basic beard knowledge tips your bearded clients need? We sure hope so. If you have beard tips of your own, drop them in the comments so we can share them with the barbering community out there. 

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