Why Did You Start Your Barbering Career

Why Did You Become a Barber? 

Never Forget Your Why

Drop the clippers, put down the straight razor, and step away from the chair—it’s time to some serious evaluation, and even though it’s all about barbering, we highly encourage you to step back and breathe before we ask you an important question.

Got some space? Good. Now, listen up, and try to think of your most honest answer when we ask this question—

WHY did you become a barber—and why do you continue pursuing a career as a barber, even when the going gets tough?

It’s easy to say things like “for the customers!” or “for the freedom and flexibility” or even “for the steady income!”—and all of those things are valid. But we challenge you to really step back and think about the reason you became a barber. In other words, we want you to think about your why—your purpose. 

Why are we asking about your why right now? In this hectic, chaotic, insane world we’re living in? In the middle of a pandemic that’s left us struggling, grieving, and confused?

That’s exactly why. Because right now, the world is tough. Scratch that—right now, the world is terrifying. We’re all struggling. And if one of those struggles has manifested itself in you questioning why you chose to be a barber and why you keep going, then now is the perfect time to revisit, reflect, and rediscover your purpose.

And we’re here to help you do that.

Identifying Your Why—What Exactly Is It? 

So, what’s a why in the first place? 

Your why is your wholly unique, one-of-a-kind, specific-to-you purpose behind who you are, what you believe, and why you do what you do. Your why doesn’t have to be limited to your career, either—your why for your career can branch off your why for your life, they’re not always mutually exclusive.

Your why is the reason you chose your career once and then continued to choose it over and over—even when nothing was perfect and everything seemed hard. Your why is more than just a mantra. It’s more than a tagline or a catchphrase you drop at social events—it’s the passion inside you, your purpose, your motivation, and your driving factor. 

You know what else your why is? Crucial. Your why is crucial to understanding why you chose to be a barber in the first place.

Re-discovering or uncovering your why (even if it’s for the first time ever) is a rewarding, tough process, and it can bring you clarity and confidence you might need—especially in the chaotic world we’re living in. 

Finding your why, dusting it off, polishing it, and letting it shine can be just the light you need to guide you through some very dark times. So, why not give it a go? 

Can’t Remember Your Why? Here’s a Reminder 

Finding your why isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. It’s not linear and there’s no formula. Uncovering your why is all about self-reflection, asking the tough questions, and being honest with yourself. 

That being said, we’re happy to walk you through a few specific questions to help get you started on that journey—no matter what that journey looks like after your read the rest of this article. 

WHY Do You Love What You Do?

First of all—do you love what you do? If this question is a struggle to answer right away, grant yourself some grace. Even if you love barbering deep-down, tough times can make you feel like you’re totally fed up with it. Try to separate frustration from the mix and be honest with yourself. 

Then, just be direct—ask yourself clearly, why you love what you do. Try to answer it honestly. 

WHY Did you Start Your Barbering Career?

Now, explore some more questions. What made you choose barbering in the first place? Did someone tell you that you’d be a great barber? Did you know from a young age it was the perfect fit for you? Did you stumble upon this career? 

Ask yourself why you became a barber in the first place. Then ask yourself another question—is this still my why?

If it’s not, that’s OK—people change, we grow, and evolution occurs. Don’t be afraid of finding a new why! 

WHY Do You Continue to Pursue Barbering When the Going Gets Tough?

It’s no secret being a barber takes grit and grace, but what makes you stick around through it all? Ask yourself—why do I stick with this career when it’s upsetting, maddening, and frustrating?

Just like the other guiding questions to get you started, we can’t answer this one for you—but we believe you’ve got the answers within you, try to let them out!

Remember, no matter where this journey to discovering (or rediscovering) your why takes you, know that no one’s why is wrong—yours can look, feel, and sound like whatever you want so long as it’s truly your why.

In a career that’s tough as can be (yeah, we said it, barbering is no cakewalk), some days can be more challenging than others. From dealing with unappreciative, unkind clientele to challenging stretches of uncertainty, being a barber isn’t easy. 

But rediscovering or re-establishing your why can be one of the most powerful ways to remind you what’s important, what your career is all about, and what can help you bring some balance back to your shop. 

If you’re struggling to find your why, don’t sweat it—it’s a tough process and it takes some time. If you have any helpful hints or sage advice for your fellow barbers in the community about how to find your why, share it with us here! Our comment section is open and awaiting your reply! 

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