Why Most Barbers Give Up in Their First 3 Years Part: 3

Why Barbers Quit: Part 3

How NAOB Can Help Keep You In Love With & Inspired By Barbering

If you’ve read out past two blog posts on this subject, you probably already get the gist of what we’ve been trying to say. If not, our Why Barbers Give Up in the First 3 Years Series has covered a myriad of issues.

We’ve been diving into the depths of the realities of why barbers end up quitting after so few years in the industry. We’ve talked about what mistakes they make in their first three years, what extinguishes their passion, and what can make them lose their fire for their craft.

We’ve discussed all of these things in an attempt to shine a light on how you can avoid losing that valuable spark for your profession.

Now, we’re taking it a step further. This blog post is all about the resources we’ve put together to provide you with the support, inspiration, professional coverage, and help that we believe can make a difference in your barbering experience.

Whether you’re a professional or a total newbie, we think our resources can help—check out our E-books and more linked below to get a better idea of how we aim to keep you passionate, interested, and dedicated to the barbering game!

Social E-Book

If you don’t know this already, you’re about to get a ton of knowledge thrown your way, so hold onto your shears and clippers. We’ve carefully constructed and curated a must-have resource for the modern-day century that your industry thrives in—social media marketing skills.


Because we get it. It’s one thing to be a talented, skilled, and professional barber. It’s one thing to be hugely successful within your little niche. It’s one thing to be the go-to barber in the neighborhood. But none of those things will ever help you grow your business if you’re not getting the word out about yourself—and in our technologically-driven society, that means knowing and understanding how social media works.

And you know what? We know that’s not always second nature for everyone. It takes trial, error, and lots of effort—we did the hard stuff for you and put together a helpful guide to get your social stuff off the ground and soaring!

Salon Suite Guide E-Book

Want to know how to boost your business and let your entrepreneurial wings soar?

 Want to learn how you can do something different, create your own ideal, personalized business?

Want to make sure you’re spending your career building something you’re proud of that’s a true reflection of you?

We have an e-book for that, too! Check out our salon suite guide e-book! We believe that building something of your own is the perfect way to keep your passion alive—and here’s how! Check out our e-book for some of the introductory details you need to get your salon suit going!

Liability Insurance

Listen, nothingand we mean nothing—can totally take the air out of your dream and snuff out your passion like someone suing you for something (especially if it’s not really your fault). Listen, you take pride in providing amazing service—you take pride in making your clients look good, feel good, and crave coming back to you. That’s all you should be focusing on—the rest of the ugly stuff, that should be left to us.

That includes barber liability insurance.

You might be thinking, “do I really need liability insurance as a barber?”

The short answer: absolutely.

Sure, you might think we’re being biased (we’re selling you on the insurance after all, aren’t we?), but truthfully, barbers need insurance.

You know how skilled your hands are? They’re talented, but not perfect. Those tools you’re using to create works of art could also accidentally hurt your client—and in that event, you must be covered. Accidents happen, and with the sharp and effective tools you’re using, it pays to have insurance! Check out more information here on NAOB’s liability insurance.

Educational & Trending Articles

We pride ourselves on offering barbers across the nation with great insurance options, helpful E-book resources, and useful information in general—that’s why we do everything in our power to cultivate and cull an amazing blog that’s full of not only helpful and educational resources, but trending articles that apply specifically to our industry.

In other words, we’re not just here to sell you on insurance or throw an e-book at you—we want to give you the gift of great information.

And not just information that might be necessary-but-boring, information that’s trendy, useful, and will keep you relevant. We’re talking self-care, the hottest trends, and more! Check out our regularly updated blog for all the need-to-know details that go hand-in-hand with being a modern-day barber.

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