The Top Fall Styles Your Barbershop Needs to Know About ASAP

Popular Fall Styles For This Season Specifically For You

We all know Fall is an absolute favorite amongst the beauty, stylist, makeup artist, and fashion world—and with the Autumn trends changing faster than the leaves on the trees do, it’s highly important for business, in those industries, to keep up as best as they can with what’s hot and what’s not.

But Fall is an important time for barbers, too—that’s right, the Fall trend thing hits your target audience hard, and if you’re not Autumnally-prepared when Fall does finally hit, you might be hurting for business.

What we mean is, even if you’re not wrapping yourself in a cozy sweater and going pumpkin-spice crazy, you still need to be prepared for Fall. If that’s a foreign concept to you, fret not. 

That’s why we’re here. We’ve put together some seriously popular Fall styles that are hitting the barbershops hard this season. Here’s an important note: while a lot of these trends are traditionally aimed at men, remember, you can tweak them to your heart’s content. Adjust these trends for your male and female clients as you desire, because, as you already know, barbershops aren’t just for the boys.

Grungy Sophistication

The latest trend this fall is to stop choosing sides—who says you can’t be grungy and sophisticated at the same time? No one, that’s who. With this style cut, you’ll want to take a short style around the back and on the sides with a longer top that’s free to flop around, style up, or slick back for a suave look. Take it a step further for those daring clients of yours and bleach out the top to give it a rougher, grungier look—not only does it look cool, but it also makes the hair easier to style. Even if you’re clients aren’t committed to the bleaching thing, a grungy, sophisticated cut is so in. You’ll love the insta-worthy look of it and your clients will love the versatility of it.

It’s Buzz-Cut Season

We’re not just stealing that line from a Lorde song (although, OK, we kind of are)—Fall really is buzzcut season. If you’re not up-to-speed, the early 70s and 80s styles are back, which means that buzzcuts are automatically in this Autumn. It’s clean-cut, it’s easy to maintain, and it’s great for guys who are looking to transition their style with the changing season.

Light ‘n’ Long

Long hair is in, but heavy hair is out—go light and go long with your clients this fall. Give your clients a wispy, weightless, and textured look that’s always suave and never over-styled. Not every single one of your clients can pull off this look (tight curls might not work out so well), but for those wavy-to-straight-haired clients in your life, an effortless light ‘n’ long could be just the ticket for suave Fall style.  

Bolder, Bushier Beards

As the leaves change and the holiday season kicks in, it’s bound to get colder—which means it’s time to bulk up those beards, gentlemen. Encourage your clients to give their natural beards life! We don’t mean you have to let your clients go full mountain-man but encouraging some extra beard growth during Fall is so in right now. When your clients come in for a trim, cut, or else wise, let them know a well-shaped, full beard is so in season.

Goatee Gold

The once-mocked facial hair style is starting to grace handsome faces everywhere, and let us be the first to say, we’re here for it. A good goatee is gold this Fall, friends, so make sure your goatee shaping skills are up to par.  

Beardstache for the Bros

If your clients don’t want all-out beards, can’t swing the goatee, but don’t want to simply rock stubble, then this fall, the Beardstache is their best friend. Think of this new-age hybrid as the happy medium between full beard and stubble where the mustache is kept a little longer and a little fuller than the hair surrounding it. In other words, with a Beardstache, your mustache is the start of the show—it just so happens to have a great supporting cast behind it. This style is super fun, super 70s, and super in this Fall.


Remember when we said the 70s and 80s are back? Well, they are—in full funky force. The 70s-style mop-shag cut is such a winner for the Fall season. It offers a little extra layering to keep your clients’ heads warmer without giving up that distinct, stylish look you love to give them. Remind your clients that this look is more maintenance-heavy than they might think—textured product is key to nab that “I’ve-got-good-hair-without-trying” thing (in other words, they’re going to have to try without looking like they’re trying). 

Are you ready to sharpen your shears and go clipper crazy? We hope so.

Show off your know-how with these fantastic Fall styles this autumn. Not only will your clients appreciate your Fall-trend-authority, your profit margins will also likely appreciate it, too.

Looking for more trendy advice? Need more Fall insight? Simply wanting to keep up in the ever-changing world of barbering? You’ve come to the right place. Stay in-the-know with our regularly updated NAOB blog here!

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