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The Top 10 Barbers to Keep Your Eyes On in 2020

One of the best things about the barbering community is that it’s an industry absolutely overflowing with talent—and we mean talent of all kinds.

Sure, we love a barber who can shave up the cleanest fade in the game, but we also love a barber who knows how to run their business like no other. That’s what makes the barbering game so damn interesting, we’re a rag-tag gang of creatives who are making art and taking names while simultaneously showing the world what we're made of. 

Personally, we don’t think there’s another profession out there like barbering—but hey, we’re probably biased, right.

The problem here? There are so many talented barbers out there, it’s nearly impossible to pick favorites or keep track of any up-and-comers. Until now.

We’ve laid out a list of the top ten barbers that we believe you’ve 100-percent-absolutely-gotta keep your eyes on this year. This group of barbers is doing something unreal, showcasing their talent in all aspects of the game unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe us? Check ‘em out for yourself. 

Trevor Moots | @tailorfade

Trevor Moots, a 26-year-old barber born and raised in Florida, is taking the insta game by storm with an impressive 43.1k followers.

Running his barber game out of Orlando, Trevor’s only been in the industry for about 5 years (according to his Instagram) and had dreams of being a touring musician—but when he fell into barbering, he fell hard.

Though he’s got a whole head of gorgeous locks of his own (seriously, go peep his insta for a look at that glorious mane), his insta showcases epic fades, clean lines, and styles that look badass on men and women. You’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this one. 

Wade Menendez | @wadethebarber

Wade is a barber, sure, but he’s also the owner of The W Hair Lofts Inc. and is considered a pioneer in barbering as well as educating.

Wade definitely knows what he’s doing behind the chair (check out his insta and see what we mean—the looks he delivers are fresh, clean, and all kinds of fierce). 

But he’s also constantly touring around the country offering hair-unit classes that barbers just like you can access. Wade’s got more than just barbering tips and tricks, though—he’s also offering blueprints for building your business, your character, your career, and more.

Follow him for some serious barbering (and business) inspo. 

Jasmine Kathleen | @jasminekathleenn

Barber Jazz—as she’s known on insta—is absolutely crushing the barbering scene from all the way down under—that’s right, folks, she’s Australian. Jasmine’s insta is chock-fill of awe-inspiring looks on both ladies and gents—from classic, clean looks to funky and fun styles. 

Personally, we can’t get enough of her feed, so we encourage you to check out. Bonus points—she’s an educator, too, which means she’s touring every so often. Want to learn from her (both online and in person), follow her ASAP.

Wes Staucet  | @xbigwesx

Wes’ clean insta feed is guaranteed to have you droolin’—with model-esque shots totally showcasing his barbering talent, you’d want to follow him even if you weren’t into the whole barbering thing (trust us, we’ve scrolled through…like a lot).

Operating out of New York, Wes has all kinds of good stuff to share when it comes to styles—from traditional, clean looks to super fun styles, you’ll literally never stop stalking his page. 

Victor Fontanez | @vicblends

Representing the ATL, Victor is a young barber (his insta says he’s 20!) who’s already made a huge splash both online (with a total of 330k followers, by the way) and with his tangible talent.

His feed showcases lots of emphasis on clean lines and on-trend styles, but his ability goes far beyond just what’s hot-right-now. 

The best part about Victor? He’s a touring talent, too, which means you can learn from him in-person! Check out his insta to see his touring schedule. 

What does Michael Kelley bring to the table that we’re absolutely flipping for? Two words: modern chic. We love what Michael’s doing in the world of barbering, bringing together a mesh of classic and funky—and honestly, doing a damn good job at it.

From incredible gradients to little behind-the-scenes videos, his insta is a treasure trove for all you barbers out there. 

Patricia Plymire | @queenofthesouth512

Ripping up the barber game in Austin, Texas is Patricia Plymire, a barber unlike any other. Do we love Patricia’s barbering skills? Absolutely. Are we obsessed with her insta feed? For sure.

But you know what we literally cannot stop screaming about? Her insane braiding skills. Seriously, this queen of the South combines a sweet little mix of barber skills and braiding in a way you would not believe. We can’t even do it justice—go peep her Instagram right now. 

Sofie | @staygold31

This multi-talented LA-based barber does it all—creates flawless looks that are interesting and enviable, runs the photography game, and also can make a dang seamless video, too.

Her feed is full of excellent content that you’ll hardcore be addicted to in a flash, like epic transformation cuts, behind-the-scenes videos, lots of tattoo talk, and plenty of transparent, honest captions. We’re straight stuck on her insta right now, so we suggest you give it a peek, too. 

John Carmona | @titan_barber 

This Denver barber is redefining what a clean-cut looks like—for real, his seamless lines, epic gradients, and overall looks are straight stunning. Every photo he posts on his insta gives us extreme style envy.

The best part about him? He’s a traveling educator and a business owner, so he’s got a lot of excellent knowledge to bring to the table. Trust us, he’s a must-add to your insta following count. 

Dan Perri | @danperrihair  

Last, but certainly not least in the slightest, is Dan Perri, an LA-based stylist who, spoiler alert, works with some serious stars (we’re talkin’ Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone, etc.).

He specializes in men’s grooming, so you won’t spot any lady styles on this feed, but if you’re looking to be super inspired by this badass men’s stylist, you’re definitely in the right place. 

Did we miss an epic barber? Don’t see someone on our list that absolutely should be? Fam, let us know! 

We’re all about highlighting skilled barbers in the biz, so make sure you bring them to our attention.

Drop a barber’s insta handle in the comments so we can give them a look for future editions of barbers to watch—we’re always looking for talent to showcase (because we love this community, y’all). 

For other barber inspo, advice, insight, and tips, be sure to keep up with the NAOB blog so you can keep up with our regularly updated content—we’re all about providing you with all the tools you need to make a name for yourself in our one-of-a-kind community. 

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