The Top Barber Trade Shows to Attend

The Top Barber Trade Shows in 2019 You Need to Know About & Why They Should be Part of Your Year

So, You’re Thinking About 2019 Trade Shows, Huh?

Let us be the first to congratulate you on this potentially career changing decision. National Association of Barbers knows trade shows are beneficial in so many different ways – the opportunities you grant yourself, the people you meet, the new products you learn about, and the hands-on training you gain are all pretty priceless.

The secret to the trade show world, though?

They’re not all created equal.

You heard us right – not every trade show is the trade show you should attend.

Some are bigger. Some are better. Some are way more beneficial for you to invest your time and money in.

That being said, there are dozens of trade shows and expos every year – how do you know which is worth your time?You’re in luck. We did the hard work for you and listed out some of the top trade shows you should totally mark down on your calendar for this year!

Why Should I Attend a Barber Trade Show

Whether you’re a seasoned barber or a newbie in this game, you can absolutely reap the benefits of attending a reputable, educational, and insanely fun barber trade show.


Go ahead – act like you don’t care about sneak peeks at new and exciting products. Anyone who is even remotely involved in the barber world or profession is entirely stoked when a new product comes out, right? When you choose to attend trade shows and expos, you’re getting a total sneak peek at some of the newest products on the market. That’s right, you’re seeing something before everyone else is seeing it (including your competitors). You’ll likely even be granted the opportunity to give it a try at the expo and be sent home with samples!


Time is money, we know- and what’s better than saving it. Like we said before, barber pros love their new products and tools of the trade, but you likely know better than anyone how pricey having these kinds of products in your shop can be. Trade shows and expos often offer bulk products at a significant discount (sure, you have to pay your way in, but the savings on the products likely will add up to make it worth it!)


This is where the real value of a barber trade show starts to come into play. Sure, the product reveals and discounts are beneficial, but the hands-on experience, the live demos, and the keynote speakers that grace all the quality expos are what really make attending a barber trade show worth it. Trade shows teach you new skills, open your mind, and further your education (think of them as continuing education classes without having to enroll through a semester’s worth of credit hours). The other draw of a trade show? The large, credible ones typically attract quality speakers, influencers, and professionals from the industry.


This is an invaluable trade show perk, too! Undoubtedly, just by attending a trade show you’ll make new connections and network with powerful professionals in your industry. As a barber pro, you already know the power networking has on your business – attending a networking opportunity of this magnitude is always a good idea.

The Top Barber Trade Shows to Add to Your 2019 List

Barber Con 

Launched in 2016, Barbercon is the live networking event for Barbershopconnect. Barbercon brings together thousands of top-tier and amateur barbers, cosmetologists, and brands from around the world. 2019 will be the biggest and most dynamic Barbercon to date, expanding to 2 days and growing to include three stages for live hair demonstrations and product tutorials,  an new and revamped Barbercon Marketplace, two full days of intimate education classes and workshops, an outdoor festival area, and the prestigious Barbercon Awards.

When: June 9-10, 2019 (NYC) March 3, 2019 (LA)

Where: New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Tickets: Ticket prices vary based on dates and location. Check out ticket prices here.


International Beauty Show

We know, beauty is in the name- but that's certainly not all this show is about. The International Beauty Show brings together cosmetologists and barbers from all walks of life.  IBS is the longest running, professionals only beauty event, hosting upwards of 67,000 pros each year. At IBS you'll have access to 500+ exhibitors, hands on workshops and master classes, 100+ FREE classes, and so much more.

When: March 10-12, 2019

Where: New York, NY 

Tickets: Ticket prices range from $90-$315 Check out ticket prices here.

Website: IBS New York

Atlanta Barber Conference 

The Atlanta Barber Conference is STRICTLY an education based conference. That means no battles, no completions, but TONS of opportunities to learn and up your game in a fun and passionate environment. Need to learn to help clients experiencing hair loss, want to be a 100k haircutter, or simply need to know how to do your taxes? This event has all of that information and more. 

When: April 28-29, 2019

Where: Atlanta, GA

Tickets: $99  Check out ticket prices here.

Website: Atalnta Barber Conference

CT Barber Expo

Expanding this year, the CT Barber Expo is now a two-day trade show. The expo has a little bit of everything and is considered by some, to be the biggest and baddest event in the industry. The CT Barber Expo has battles, classes, workshop, product demos, and one epic after party.

When: May 18-20, 2019

Where: Hartford, CT

Tickets: Prices range from $40-$210  Check out ticket prices here.

Website: CT Barber Expo

Premiere Orlando

The trade show of all trade shows, arguably the biggest beauty and barber event of the year- Premiere Orlando has it all. From top-tier brands, to rockstar artists, nothing is left to be desired here. All of the following brands will be hosting classes and workshops: ANDIS, CLOCKPOINT HAIR, THE SANTIAGO BROTHERS, WAHL PROFESSIONAL, British BARBERS ASSOCIATION, JRL USA, SOHO, HATTORI HANZO SHEARS, BARBEROLOGY, IVAN ZOOT, MAJOR LEAGUE BARBER, WOODY'S, 18.21, VICTORY, DAVE DIGGS, GENTLEMEN REPUBLIC, CLUBMAN, PACINOS, JOHNNY B.HAIR CARE, UNIVERSAL BARBER

When: June 1-3, 2019

Where: Orlando, FL

Tickets: Prices range from $60-85  Check out ticket prices here.

Website: Premiere Orlando

Tennessee Barber Expo

This is the inaugural year for the Tennessee Barber Expo. While not too much has been reveled yet, we can tell you this show will feature exhibitions, demonstrations, battles and will be hosted by none other than barber royalty Jay Majors.

When: October 20, 2019

Where: Knoxville, TN

Tickets: Prices range from $25-$100 Check out ticket prices here.

Website: TN Baber Expo

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