Spring 2022 Trends Your Clients

The Men’s Trends Every Barber Needs to Know for Spring 2022 

Flowers are blooming, the air is sweeter, and temperature is rising. That can only mean one thing, right? 

Spring is here, barbers.

Whether you’ve got a healthy dose of springtime fever or not, we’re definitely wondering on thing–are you ready to bring that springtime vibe to your clients looks?

If not, no sweat. We know you’ve got a lot on your barbering plate. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the must-know, gotta-try looks that your clients should def give a whirl this year (especially this spring).

So, want to know what’s hot and not this season? We’re sure your clients do–that’s why you’ve got to be on your A-game. Give this blog a read to see what’s trending this spring and what you need to share with your barbering clients–especially the guys who trust you with their look.

The Spring 2022 Trends Your Clients Need to Try 

Curtains Are Here to Stay

No, we’re def not saying that full boyband vibes are coming back (we actually really hope they don’t, but that’s just us). We’re talkin’ about a good, solid wave of curtain that gives your dudes a little fullness and face framing. Who does this style suit best? Your clients who already have thick dos with a little movement on their own. But remember, just because thick hair is helpful, that doesn’t mean this style isn’t pretty versatile. A nice curtain can be worn at any length or with any texture. 

Short Beards for Spring 

We know, we know–the big, bushy mountain man beard has been in the last few years, but short beards are the driving trend in spring style right now. From 5 o’clock shadows to short, boxed beards and chin strap beards, these bad boys are in (like, really in). The pros of this? Not only do these styles look good, but they’re also much more comfortable and cooler during the upcoming months of heat, sun, and summertime activities. 

French Crops Are a Must 

Listen, a French crop is one of those timeless looks that never really goes out of style–but lately, the world’s been seeing a lot more of this look in Hollywood (and on the street, too). Translation? A cool French crop look is coming back with a vengeance, so you better know how to style one. Don’t be afraid to give your client a messy, on-top look that tapers professionally, but make sure it’s nice and clean on the sides for a solid French crop. Advise your clients to use a touch of their favorite product to tousle the top for a very “cool-guy” look without having to try too hard. 

Bleach is Back 

Believe it or not, bleach is making a big comeback–and we’re pretty thrilled to see it. If you’ve got a bold client that comes in looking for a big and bright look that screams springtime, opting for a fresh, bleached style can be the ultimate transformation. Don’t forget–short hair deals best with bleach, so offer this up to your clients with short styles already. (P.S., if your client has never had bleached hair before, definitely do a patch test to see how they react). 

The Chevron Mustache 

Yep, this look is just as badass as it sounds. The chevron mustache is all about bring the mustache back in a big way. Consider the chevron a quintessential mustache that seamlessly follows the shape of your client’s upper lip. The result? A natural mustache that has a nice little upside-down V-shape. The cool part about this look? You can add to it in unique ways to modify the look. For example, a little southwest look can be accomplished by adding a perfect soul patch to your client’s stache.  

Messy Mid-Length Hair 

If your clients aren’t convinced that curtains or short, bleached looks are for them, there is one springtime look that’s got a pretty wide appeal–the messy mid-length look. Need some inspo for this look? Think Harry Styles, a master of the mid-length messy look. Take your client down the road of tousled trims for a look that appears effortless. 

We hope this advice has got you itching to get a little springtime magic going in your barbershop. Have a few of your own spring trend go-tos you think we need to know? That’s what the comment section is for. Drop a hot tip for us so we can peek at the springtime trend you love. Plus, we’re sure your fellow barbers are going to be grateful to see a few more springtime ideas they can try out.

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