How To Use Tiktok As A Barber

Using TikTok to Enhance Your Barbering Career

We know what you’re thinking—“another social media blog, huh?”

You better believe it, barber.

Like it or not, social media is a huge piece of the digital marketing puzzle these days, and as you probably already know, digital marketing is a must for any aspiring entrepreneur—barbers included.

Today, we’re talkin’ TikTok—but we’re not just talking about it for the purpose of upgrading your social media game. TikTok has had a surprisingly huge impact on the careers of barbers and cosmetologists alike who spend time getting to know the platform, getting creative, and finding a new, fun angle on it as a whole.

If you’re brand-new to TikTok—or still aren’t even really sure what it is—then this is an excellent first step. We’ll dive into some basics, give you some need-to-know facts about the platform itself, and even offer up some staple-worthy tips for creating compelling TikToks on your first try.

You ready to tackle TikTok? Good—keep reading.

What Exactly is TikTok?

Even if you don’t fully understand TikTok’s ins and outs, it’s likely you’ve heard of it before. We’re going to start from the very beginning just to give everyone a solid foundation of knowledge about the app.

TikTok is a social media platform, sure, but it’s a little different than Instagram or Facebook. A short-form video-sharing app, TikTok literally skyrocketed to fame a few years ago. TikTok was—and remains—a big deal for Gen Z and millennials, but overall the audience is pretty broad.

If you’re familiar at all with Instagram Reels, you’ll probably be pretty comfortable with this platform—Instagram Reels is a smidge of a TikTok copycat (we only say that because TikTok came first).

Here are a few, quick must-know facts about TikTok before you get started:

  • Like we said, TikTok is short-form—the videos you post will only be 15-60 seconds long
  • Videos are usually set to hyper-popular music
  • About 800 million active users are on TikTok worldwide—and 30 million active users in the U.S. 
  • TikTok was initially a big hit for Gen Z, but it’s def not just for kids—almost 70 percent of TikTok users are between 16-24, and 30 percent are 25+
  • Making content and create videos directly on the app is easy-peasy
  • TikTok is fast-paced but fun (when done correctly)
  • TikTok videos are wonderful for cross-platform promotion—making a TikTok and using it as an Instagram Reel is a highly relied-upon strategy for content creators

That’s a great start, but it’s really just the tip of the TikTok iceberg. We suggest hopping on the app as soon as you can to get used to it, feel it out, and learn the ins and outs of it all.

How TikTok Can Enhance Your Career

OK, so we mentioned that TikTok is a hit for barbers in terms of digital marketing. And that’s definitely true. But that’s not all that TikTok has done—and will continue to do—for barbers like you.  TikTok can grow your audience, increase your customer base, and put you in touch with the right people to enhance your career like never before.

TikTok, in general, is really all about branding, what’s trending, and effective reach. And you know what? Barbering and cosmetology stuff is huge right now on TikTok—and we anticipate it will stay that way.

The benefits of TikTok go so much further than just stroking your ego, too. It can present opportunities like:

  • Open you up to brand and influencer partnerships
  • Supplemental, passive income
  • Gain more clients
  • Find your niche audience
  • Open the door for education opportunities
  • Connect you with new jobs, clients, and colleagues

Creating Killer TikToks—What Every Barber Needs to Know

So, you’re like, ready to start creating right? You’re probably wondering where exactly to start. While we def don’t want to get too technical (especially because we want your own creativity to flow freely), we do have a few tips for crafting compelling TikToks that we’re sure will bring in the viewers. Customers, too!

  • Tips, industry secrets, and barbering advice perform well, so focus on that type of content. 
  • How-to videos and barber hacks are a must.
  • BTS videos rule—viewers love to see a “day in the life” style stuff.
  • Tutorials for barbering skills tend to do really well—and content like this gives you a chance to show off your skills, which is great for drawing in viewers and customers.
  • Capitalize on trends for a better chance to go viral. There are plenty of unique opportunities out there that you can twist to make relevant for your purposes.
  • Don’t forget to include subtle CTAs. Yes, your content should be fun and educational, but you also need to direct people to where they should go for more content, getting in touch with you, or booking with you.

If you’re already itching to start creating, we’re willing to bet that a TikTok platform is perfect for you. Give it a go, let your creativity fly, and see what you can do for your barbering career with a fun, little social media platform.

Did you find this article helpful? We sure hope so.

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