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The Top 5 Barber Expos You Need to Attend in 2020

The best part about kicking off a new year? Planning all the ways you can up your barbering game. If you ask us (and, since you’re reading our blog, I guess we can kind of assume you are), one of the best ways to boost your barbering to the next level is to invest in your career—oh yeah, we’re talkin’ about expos and tradeshows.

We know what you’re thinking. Expos cost money, take time, and eat up your vacation days—wouldn’t you be better off getting a certification or studying up on your own? We’re never going to tell you that any of those things are a bad idea, but we do think that investing a reputable, professionally designed expo or tradeshow can give you the bang for your buck you’re looking for. 

Sure, at an expo you’ll learn new things and have the opportunity to try-and-buy new products, but you’ll also be able to get new certifications, take classes, hear from keynote speakers, meet your idols, participate in workshops run by pros, and network with other barbers. 

To us, there’s nothing better than investing in a quality expo. But picking the right one isn’t always easy. With tons of barbering expos out there, how can you know you’re picking the best one for you?

We went ahead and did a little research to help guide you through the picking process. So, if you’re looking for a top-notch expo to attend in 2020, look no further than this list right here—we’ve laid out the top 5 tradeshows and expos you should consider!

CT Barber Expo

The CT Barber Expo is so much more than just a tradeshow. In its 10th year, this epic event continues to bring barbers of all skill levels from around the world to a single location to learn, grow, network, and even compete. 

This expo has the expected benefits, of course—a top-notch trade show, experts giving hands-on classes, workshops, and more—but it also features a cut-throat competition that lets participants like you prove they’re the best barbers around.

Naturally, this contest includes plenty of networking and lots of pre-and-post contest festivities, too!

When: May 16-19, 2020

Where: Hartford, CT

Hotel Booking Info: Check out the local hotels partnering with the event here.

Registration & Ticket Info: Tickets range from $40-$215 depending on package choice.

National Barber and Beauty Symposium

The NBBS aims to be more than just a tradeshow—it’s all about providing an immersive journey through education and inspiration led by some of barbering and beauty’s top names in the game.

This expo showcases companies, brands, and pros that will help barbers of all skill levels navigate the barbering world with innovation, ideology, leadership, and modernized business techniques.

You can expect workshops, a huge expo event with luxury vendors, the best educators in the business (including Ivan Zoot, John Mosley, Popular Nobody, and more), keynote speakers, and hands-on learning experiences. With over 2,000 attendees, 4 educational platforms, and 1 main stage, you won’t want to miss this expo!

When: January 12-13, 2020

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

Hotel Booking Info: Check out NBBS deals with local hotels for your stay!

Registration & Ticket Info: Tickets range from $30-$50.


Barbercon is a premier global festival that honors and educates the barbering community across the United States. Barbercon is all about bringing together thousands of barbers together—from high-profile pros to newbies—to explore brands, learning opportunities, marketplaces, workshops, and more. 

This year’s Barbercon’s are packed with classes, intimate education courses, workshops with professionals, live hair tutorials, product demos, Barber Bottles, and more!

These 1-day takeovers in three different cities span the calendar, so be sure to purchase a ticket to the one that best fits your schedule (or all three of them!).

When: March 29, 2020; April 26, 2020; October (TBD), 2020

Where: Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY

Hotel Booking Info: Check out Barbercon’s page here for more information about hotel booking—the hotel and booking options will vary depending on which event you plan to attend.

Registration & Ticket Info: Tickets range from $30-$150 depending on which package you choose! Check out more information here.


The Premiere Orlando International Beauty Show is a must-attend event every single year, and we don’t expect the 2020 show to be any different. Thousands of barbers will flock to Orlando, FL to hear their favorite educators speak, take hands-on workshops led by pros, browse through a top-notch tradeshow, and mingle with barbers of all levels. 

Though the event is open to more than just barbers (it’s a beauty and cosmetology event, too), there’s a dedicated Men’s Zone & Barbershop section that includes top names and today’s leading barbers like the British Barber Association, Ivan Zoot, Johnny B. Hair Care, Wahl Clippers, and more.

When: May 30- June 1, 2020

Where: Orlando, FL

Hotel Booking Info: Browse through local hotels that are planning to partner with the event for deals, discounts, and more.

Registration & Ticket Info: Ticket prices range based on the package desired. Check out more information here.

International Salon and Spa Expo

Though it might not sound like a barber event, we can promise you, there’s plenty of reasons all barbers should attend this can’t-miss event. At this expo, you’ll not only be able to experience the beauty experience job fair as well as an enormous tradeshow lined with luxurious, innovative products, you’ll also be able to witness or participate in a cutting-edge barber competition, choose from over 100+ educational classes led by experts, and participate in hands-on workshops taught by the biggest names in the barbering industry.

When: March 8-10, 2020

Where: New York, NY

Hotel Booking Info: Check out International Salon and Spa Expo’s website for more information on hotels and lodging.

Registration & Ticket Info: Prices range from $99-$295 depending on the package you choose.

Looking for more barber expo info on the reg? You’re in the right place, we have your 2020 Expo Calendar here!

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