Introducing, "A" Rated insurance coverage tailored to the barber professional. Protect your assets, your career, and your license with the most affordable and comprehensive coverage available.

$159 $129 per year


Introducing, "A" rated insurance 

coverage tailored to barber professionals!

ONLY $159

$139 per year

Professional Barber Liability Insurance

With National Association of Barbers insurance coverage, your insurance rate stays the same, regardless of the amount of disciplines you practice. NAOB provides the most affordable and comprehensive barber insurance available today.

This barber insurance policy protects both self-employed barbers, barbers in shops, and barber students.

  • Professional and general liability insurance: $2 million per occurrence, $3 million per year
  • Product liability: $2 million per occurrence & per year
  • Rental  damage insurance: $100,000
  • Stolen equipment insurance: $1,000
  • Identity theft protection: $25,000

Instant Coverage, Immediate Certificate

Not Ready for Insurance?  

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Our Peace of Mind Protection

Lawsuit? Yes, it’s possible. When you're a barber and deal with the public, lawsuits can happen.
As a barber, if you get sued, you will need your own lawyer right away.  If the lawsuit proceeds, legal fees can run you $20,000 or more. If you lose, the award can put you $100,000 or more in debt.
With National Association of Barbers professional liability insurance, you are covered! Focus on your passion, we'll protect your license, your bank account, and your career. 



Don't Worry- Students Are Covered, Too!

National Association of Barbers Insurance offers first-year policies for students, available at only $25. We want to make sure you are insured with the full benefits of our professional program at a discounted rate before the launch of your career. Coverage is provided for 12 full months, continuing after graduation.

*Students must have an effective policy date prior to their graduation date.

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