Why You Need Barber Insurance

Going Beyond the Basics: 

More Reasons You Need Barber Insurance

Being a barber ain’t no walk in the park. Sure, you love your job, you get to be creative, and if you run your own shop, you get the added bonus of being your own boss. But while being a barber comes with a ton of unique rewards, you can’t not acknowledge the risks that come right along with it.

You’ve probably heard this spiel before, so you know what’s coming next—we’re talking about professional liability insurance. We can bet we know what you’re thinking, too. Of course the insurance company wants to talk about barbering insurance—that’s their job.

And, yeah, you’re right—it is our job. But whether you partner with NAOB or not for your liability insurance, we highly recommend you invest in quality insurance with someone—and it’s not just for the basic reasons you’re thinking.

Obviously, professional and general liability insurance protects you from the big things that everyone talks about—trip-n-falls, a product causing a reaction, an accidental injury—but it also protects you from things you’d likely never anticipate. 

Barber liability insurance is a type of risk management that can help ensure that you—the insured party—are protected should something go awry, and oftentimes, this means things you wouldn’t normally think of or prepare for. 

If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, then you’re in the right place. This blog is all about going beyond the basics of barber insurance to spell out exactly why you need barber liability insurance, (and hint, it’s got a lot to do with peace of mind and professionalism!) 

The Most Common Reasons Barbers Opt for Insurance

Before we dive into some of those unlikely reasons you might need insurance for your barbering career, we’re going to talk about the most common reasons—what we’ve been referring to as the basics.

Don’t get us wrong, you need insurance for these reasons, too (we’re not saying these aren’t important because trust us, they are), they just happen to be those big picture, well-known items everyone thinks about when the word “liability insurance” enters the conversation. We’re mostly talkin’ about product issues, allergies, injuries, negligence, burns, etc. 

These basics are the obvious scenarios—someone trips and hurts themselves in your shop, a client gets hive when you tried out a new beard oil, or you accidentally cut a client (even just a little) giving them a super close shave. 

Clearly, these are all necessary, excellent reasons to have barber liability insurance, what we’re trying to express is that the good reasons don’t just begin and end here.

Why You Need Insurance: Factors You NEVER Hear About 

Your professional barbering insurance is there to protect you against risk—even the risk you may not think about all that often. 

What we mean by this is that professional and general liability insurance can help protect far beyond the basics we mentioned earlier. Liability insurance protects you against the improbably, the unlikely, and the unexpected—things like break-ins, barbershop robberies, stolen equipment, damages, and more. 

That’s right, criminals do rob places like barbershops and salons and studios. Why wouldn’t they target you? You’re a successful commercial business with lots of valuable property, assets, cash, data, and equipment inside your space.

The good news is that liability insurance through a partner who is worth their salt is going to protect you from the fallout of these risks.

We can’t guarantee that having insurance is going to stop these terrible things from happening (though, we definitely wish we could guarantee that), but we can promise you that it will help you cover any damages or losses you might incur. Ultimately, it can help you get your business back up and running sooner, too, which means you’ll deal with less downtime. 

The peace of mind that comes with having barber professional general and liability insurance, with a quality insurance partner makes all the difference when it comes to unlikely scenarios like these! 

Guess what? At NAOB—we cover those scenarios. Yep, all of ‘em.  

National Association of Barbers specializes in creating liability insurance that tackles these unlikely and improbably issues because, unfortunately, they do happen. We want to make sure you’re covered and taken care of! 

We’ve got lots of policy options for barbers (check them out right here) and we even offer a long list of sweet member benefits, too! Trust us, it’s worth it to check them out! 

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