Why Building a Rewards Program for Your Barbering Biz is Important

A barber offers his client a free buzzcut, a reward as part of his rewards program.

From punch cards to apps, it seems every coffee shop, gas station, and grocery store has a rewards program in place these days. Chances are, you’re signed up for a handful yourself, whether you’re trying to save money at the pump or catch deals from your favorite brands.

While the perks may differ, all reward programs share some similarities. For example, they’re designed to encourage loyalty by rewarding customers who frequent their business. They’re a great way to increase business while giving customers a little bonus for their patronage.

As a barber with a brand, you are in a unique position to build a rewards program for your business. Doing so can be a fun project that benefits your shop and your clients. A barbering rewards program is loaded with potential, and we’re here to shed some light on exactly how.

The Benefits of a Barbering Rewards Program

Getting people into your barbershop is one thing. With marketing, word of mouth, and consistency, you can attract new customers and give yourself an opportunity to build a catalog of clients. The challenge is converting those passersby and one-time customers into clients that will come back time after time.

A rewards program for your barbershop may seem like an overwhelming job, but it can solve this problem and offer many other advantages. In short, it’s worth the effort!

Improve Customer Loyalty and Build Repeat Business

As a general rule, it takes far more time, effort, and resources to attract new customers than it does to retain current clients. It’s better to allocate the majority of your budget and sweat to improving your repeat business and boosting customer loyalty. A good rewards program can help you do just that.

A customer gets a free beard trim and shave, one of the features of this barbering business' rewards program.

While some clients may be regulars whether you have a rewards program or not, others will be motivated by the potential perks of such a program. By offering something simple–like a punch card system with a small discount once a card is filled–you can encourage customers to return to your shop rather than an alternative.

Repeat business is key to success. By gamifying the customer experience and incentivizing their return, you can build this essential aspect of your business and create a strong foundation of returning customers.

Increase the Value of Each Visit

Depending on the size of your business and the approach you prefer, your barber shop might rely on a small group of core customers for a large portion of your income. There is nothing wrong with this strategy; it can foster a sense of community and deepen relationships between you and your customers. However, it does limit your potential for growth.

To counteract this limitation, consider implementing a rewards program for your barbering biz. In addition to promoting loyalty, rewards incentivize your customers to spend more. Whether they are trying to hit a certain threshold to earn a new reward or they are enjoying a perk (perhaps 5% off their purchase), they will be encouraged to spend more. This helps you, your business, and the customer, as they receive a nice discount on something they want.

The same advantages apply to larger shops with more turnover. In these situations, the extra spending is more of a bonus than a necessity and makes implementing a rewards program an attractive way to continue expanding.

Happier Customers and Healthier Relationships

Barbering may be your livelihood, but there is far more to it than that. It’s your passion and something you’ve worked hard to master. It’s also an opportunity to give people the look they want and boost their confidence. There are few things more rewarding than seeing your efforts change someone’s confidence for the better.

If you thrive off of your clients’ happiness, a rewards program is a natural addition to your barbering business. When customers get a good deal, they’re bound to be happier–it’s human nature. This is especially true when the perk is related to something they like, want, or need. Barbering services and products fall into these categories for many people.

A selection of barbering tools, all of which a barber will use to execute their rewards program, are shown in this image.

Not only will clients using your rewards program be happier, but they’ll also spread the word. Consider a rewards program an investment in word-of-mouth advertising, because that’s exactly what will result when customers have a positive experience with your shop.

A happier customer who returns to your barber shop consistently is also a customer with whom you can build a relationship. This is excellent for business, but it goes deeper than profits and losses. Barbershops are community hubs where people gather to talk, enjoy camaraderie, and engage with their neighbors. A rewards program can play a meaningful role in forming that shared experience.

The advantages of a barber shop rewards program far exceed the challenges of developing and implementing one. Remember, you can start simple and gradually build your rewards system. It doesn’t have to be complex or over-the-top, especially initially!

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