Why Barbers Should Consider Renting a Salon Suite

Whether your barbering business is still in its infancy or you’ve been professionally cutting and styling hair and beards for years, the route to success in the world of barbers can take many different forms. 

Some opt for a traditional career path where owning and operating a brick-and-mortar store is the goal, while others may want to hit the big times as a celebrity stylist. No two journeys are identical, and that’s okay!

One option that is quite popular among newcomers and established barbers is renting a salon suite. While it’s not for everyone, there are many compelling reasons to consider this route, no matter what your experience level, budget, or long-term dream might be.

The opportunities that you can experience by choosing this option are worth considering, so whether you’re familiar with salon suites or not, you’ll want to keep reading.

What is a Salon Suite?

Think of a salon suite as a space of your own within a larger building. Within that space, you can operate your barbering business just as you would anywhere else—you just happen to share the building with a handful of other businesses.

It’s a convenient and (in many ways) advantageous alternative to purchasing or leasing a more traditional commercial building or space.

Five Reasons Barbers Should Rent Salon Suites

There is no one-size-fits-all way to go about your barbering career—that’s part of the beauty of the industry.

However, salon suites are a very compelling option for many barbers because of the benefits they tend to offer. Among those advantages are five that we consider to be particularly powerful.

Surround Yourself with Fellow Professionals

Many builds that offer spaces to barbers will populate the other available units with similar businesses. This creates a theme or sense of community where like-minded professionals can enjoy their private spaces while sharing a larger whole.

The result is not only an opportunity to refine and expand your craft in the midst of other talented individuals but also a one-stop-shop destination for customers to come for multiple services.

Both of these advantages can be quite potent when appreciated and leveraged properly, and they may not be available outside of the unique circumstances renting a salon suite positions you in.

Increase Access to Future Clients

Because you are sharing a building with other businesses, foot traffic should be high. This means increased brand exposure, word-of-mouth marketing, and opportunities to attract new clients—all of which translate to your barbering business flourishing.

This is especially true when you rent a salon suite in a building that caters to related businesses, such as masseuses and estheticians. When people want to take care of their looks or pamper themselves, they can do it all in one convenient location, giving you an opportunity to gain new clientele with ease.

A barber gives her client a cut in her salon suite.

Focus on Business (Not the Building)

There is something special about owning your own barbershop. While it’s not for everyone, many barbers have a dream of creating their version of the perfect shop and the building they need to make that dream a reality. With building ownership, however, comes maintenance. From regular tasks that keep everything in working order to overcoming unforeseen maintenance disasters when they strike, building upkeep can be a massive challenge.

When you choose to rent a salon suite, you remove yourself from the responsibility of this management and maintenance role. This allows you to save money and time, dedicating more of both to your barbering pursuits and building your business.

Enjoy Amenities

Buildings designed to host businesses like yours often include onsite amenities that you can use. From something as basic as restrooms to more unusual benefits like laundry or greenspaces, you and your clients can take advantage of these features.

In addition to being an appealing perk of renting a salon suite, the included amenities allow you to accomplish most (if not all) of your business-related tasks without having to leave the building. This gives you more time to allocate to important aspects of building your career, developing client relations, and so on.

Continue to Grow

If you want to leave the door open for future growth and flexible movement, renting a salon suite is a great way to do exactly that. Because you are not purchasing a building or agreeing to rent in a traditional commercial sense, you give yourself the option of changing location in the future. So, whether you outgrow the space, want to move to a different part of town, or otherwise make a change to better suit your barbering business, you can!

Renting a salon suite can be an excellent option for barbers, no matter their current position or future plans. With a number of compelling advantages to consider, it’s no surprise that this route is so popular.

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