When to Pitch New Services to Your Clients

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The best part about being a barber? You get to add on new services as you learn them. Why is this a good thing?  Because not only do you get to elevate your skills, up your game, and learn a ton–you get to leverage new services to offer your clients. And that means more opportunities to expand your target audience and make more money.

Unfortunately, pitching a new service to a client isn’t always seamless and simple. If you don’t pitch the right way at the right time, it can come off a little pushy (not intentionally, of course).

So, when should you pitch to your clients, and more importantly, what’s the right way to go about pitching new services to your clients?

Consider this blog your go-to guide for figuring out these important pitch factors. Ultimately, when and when not to pitch is going to be a measure of reading the room. Which we think is fair to assume you’re probably getting pretty good at if you’ve spent some time in the barbering world.

Still, there are some helpful guidelines that can improve your pitching strategies–and this is the place to start reading about them. 

When Is a Good Time to Pitch a New Service to a Client? 

To be totally fair, there’s no wrong time to pitch to a client–but there are better times than others. 

So, when’s the right time? Here are a few examples. 

Before the Next Appointment is Booked 

A lot of clients will feel pressured or pushed into something if you try to usher in a new service during their current appointment. Instead, try suggesting a service one appointment before–right before they’ve booked their next visit with you–to plant the seed. 

Why is this a good idea? It gives them time to research the service, learn about it, and feel it out. If you’ve suggested it to them already, it’s likely it’s a good fit for them–but some clients need to make that distinction themselves. 

Giving your research-loving clients some time to process and think through appointments can be the difference between someone giving you a hard “no thanks, pal” and a “yep, I’m ready to try that on my next visit.” 

As a Solution to a Problem

If a client openly starts discussing an issue with you that you know you have a remedy for, it’s totally OK to pitch that service to your client. 

For example, let’s say your client is dealing with dry, brittle ends. Guess what–you’ve got a deep conditioning service that they’d benefit from. 

If a client brings up an issue and you have a solution, go ahead and pitch that service at the moment. 

You’re not being pushy; you’re a problem solver–and your clients will appreciate that for sure. 

When You Know Your Client Really Well 

There are some clients you’ve probably been working with for years that you know would appreciate a suggestion for a new service–even if nothing prompts it. 

Offering the clients you know the best a little insight into your new services doesn’t come off rude, pushy, or bad–it’s just a fun way to tell your regulars you’ve got new offers available for them. 

On the flip side, if you know a client really well and you know they don’t like to deviate from their normal services, maybe don’t push too hard on the new services you could offer them. Remember, it’s all about reading the room. 

When You’re Running a Special Deal, Discount, or Seasonal Offer  

Got a holiday deal for a new service that your client should know about it? Drop a hint. Have a special discount for a new service that’s got a limited-time offer on it? 

Tell your clients! When you pitch a service in the capacity of a deal, discount, or offer, there’s a reason for it–it comes off a lot less pushy and a lot more helpful. You want them to capitalize on the discount, after all. Don’t you?

Top Tips for Pitching Services to Your Clients

Don’t Make it a Make-or-Break Thing 

The quickest way to get a “hell no” from a client is to act as if that new service you’re pitching is a make-or-break kind of deal. If they don’t opt-in for this new service, then you won’t be their barber anymore. New services do not have to be framed this way. And if you do frame them this way, even accidentally, you can bet no one is going to be a fan of the service pitch. 

Be Open, Be Communicative 

The best way to pitch a new service to your clients is to be straight-up and direct. Tell them why you’re pitching it, where you’re at skill-wise, and why you think it would be a good choice for them. There’s no point in not being direct, and honestly, people can tell when you’re not being clear and communicative.  Don’t be afraid to be as open as possible about this new service you’re pitching. 

Educate, Educate, Educate 

One of the reasons people say no to services is because they don’t understand what they are or why you’re pitching these new services to them. This is your opportunity to focus on educating your clients, keeping them in the loop, and teaching them something. The more you educate your clients, the easier it will be to discuss new services with them, explain the benefits, and persuade them to try new things. 

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