What is A+ Rated Coverage & Why Does it Matter?

At the National Association of Barbers, we tend to talk a lot about the quality of our coverage. 

And when we do, we often drop this phrase: A+ Rated Coverage. Does it sound good? Absolutely. 

Everybody knows that an A+ is the best grade you can receive, on well, anything. So, just saying A+ coverage makes anything sound like a fabulous choice 

Is it actually a good thing? Of course. Is it just a marketing ploy? Not even a little bit.

We want to make sure that barbers like you understand this phrase when you’re on your search for the best barber liability insurance–because it actually does mean something important. 

What does it mean, exactly? That’s exactly what this blog is here to lay out for you. In this discussion, we’re going to talk about the meaning of A+ rated overage, why it matters, and of course, why you should be concerned about rated coverage when it comes to covering your career, your shop, and yourself. 

So, barbering pros, let’s dive into A+ rated coverage. 

What Does A+ Rated Insurance Coverage Mean? 

We want to be very clear that A+ rated insurance coverage is something that will come up a lot when a company is marketing its services–but that doesn’t mean it’s just a marketing term. 

Listen, it’s not lost on us that A+ sounds good. And we definitely aren’t going to say that an A+ rating wouldn’t be awarded to us solely for our customers’ experiences. But our A+ rating for our coverage has less to do with direct customer feedback and more to do with our reliability.

Before we take this any further, let’s break it down to the basics with a workable definition for A+ rated coverage. When an insurance company is rated with A coverage, it means they’ve been defined by credit agencies as accountable, liable, dependable, and on strong financial footing. 

That means that if a company is rated with an A, they’re highly likely to honor the terms of a carrier’s policy. In other words, it’s unlikely that a policyholder won’t get the terms of their insurance agreements. Companies that don’t have an A rating don’t come with this guarantee from credit agencies.

Lower-rated insurance companies have a lower reliability rate. That is to say, the stronger the financial foot of an insurance company, the more likely they are to do what they say they’re going to do. 

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Why Choose an A+ Rated Insurance Company?

Obviously, just being rated A+ is a good thing. But why is this true? And more importantly, why should an A+ rating matter to barbers like you who are seeking a reliable and resilient insurance partner? Here’s the deal. 

You Deserve an Insurance Company You Depend On 

As a person, you deserve an insurance company you can depend on–as a barber, your career demands it. That means you absolutely need to work with a company that’s going to honor the terms of your policies and coverage no matter what the factors at hand are. 

Why put all your hard-earned money and trust into a company that you don’t know, without a shadow of a doubt, will cover you? The terms of your policy need to be met–and your career demands an insurance partner that’s not going to leave you hanging. 

Uncertainty Has No Place in Insurance Coverage 

The entire point of insurance is to mitigate or eliminate risk. If you decide to work with a lower-rated insurance company, how much of that risk are you actually reducing? Maybe some, sure, but ask yourself–does it leave you feeling uncertain about liability?

 If the answer is yes–even a small, whispering yes–that’s not the company for you. A+ rated insurance companies have the highest likelihood to honor your policies–and that’s a big deal. Because in the insurance world, you’ve got no room for uncertainty. 

Investments Should be Trustworthy 

We’re not going to sit here and talk about how insurance is just another cost to deal with–but there’s no denying that even though insurance is an investment, it does cost money. Where do you want that money to go? 

Would you prefer to invest those hard-earned dollars into a company that you absolutely know you can rely on? Or are you cool with opting for a lower-rated company that might not cover your back when push comes to shove? 

Insurance is All About Peace of Mind–Without A+ Coverage, That’s Not the Case 

If something like insurance isn’t giving you peace of mind, we don’t know what will. If and when something unexpected, alleged, or accidental happens, you want to know that you’re covered. But with a lower-rated insurance company, that surety might not exist. And to be totally honest with you, peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits of having insurance. Without it, we’re not sure how much it helps your day-to-day. 

National Association of Barbers: An A+ Rated Insurance Company for Barbers

This is the part where we have to make a very clear point–we’re an A+ rated insurance company. And we’re proud to talk about that for a reason. 

We’re stable, reliable, and we’ve got our policyholders’ backs. Providing the best coverage for barbers is just part of our appeal; we also have unmatched dependability. Barbers like you deserve the best coverage, and that’s something we’re proud to offer.

Do you want our advice? Don’t settle for a lower-rated insurance company. Protect yourself, your career, and your future with an A+ rated insurance company like NAOB. 

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