Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in the Barbershop

A female barber works on a client's fade during Women's History Month.
Women have shaped and impacted American history in more ways than we could ever document, explain, or learn about. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month is a must for us–and if you’re on board, we’ve got some excellent ideas to help you bring the celebration and appreciation into your barbershop (for good!). 

If you’re ready to bust out some new and exciting ways to celebrate this epic month, keep reading! 

Top Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Your Barbershop

Women’s impact on history should be celebrated every day–but there’s no time like the present (and the month of March, especially) to kick off a few ways you can appreciate, acknowledge, and celebrate female achievement in the barbershop. Here are a few must-try ideas to implement in your own shop this month. 

Highlight Your Female Barbers 

Does your shop have some badass female barbers on the roster? Make sure you’re doing everything in your power–this month and always–to hype them up, get their name out there, and market their skills. 

Take a social media marketing approach and set up FAQs and highlights with the female barbers in your shop. Interview them for blogs, make sure they’re highlighted on your social media handles, and get your audience familiar with them, their skills, and what they can do. 

However you plan to put the focus on the female powerhouses in your shop this month; we encourage you to do it with plenty of gusto. Your clients will love the chance to get to know their badass barbers better than before!  

Create an All-Female Playlist to Bop in the Shop

You know there’s a constant beat being dropped in the shop–but have you ever considered what’s playing on the tracks? 

Take a good, hard look at your playlist and give it a March revamp. Add tracks from inspiring female artists you look up to and enjoy–then bop that playlist all month long. Want to make it a little more fun and interactive for your shop guests? 

Make the playlist public and shareable. This way, they can add their favorite songs from female artists to the mix and share that female-only playlist with the world. 

A female barber works on a client's beard during a highlight session at a shop for Women's History Month.

Invite Female Barbers in as Guest Stylists 

Now’s a great opportunity to invite a few extra awesome female barbers to your shop. Clear out a little extra space and rent a booth to a female barber you admire.

Show your core clientele just how awesome women are–in the barbershop and out. If you’re able to, offer a chair or a booth to an up-and-coming female barber that you’re impressed with.

Give them a shot to run a chair, highlight their skills, and make a name for themselves in your shop and beyond. 

Write Thank You Notes to Your Female Barbering Mentors 

Do you have a female mentor in the industry that helped you get where you are today? How about an amazing woman in general that you admire, respect, and appreciate?

Women’s History Month is the perfect time to acknowledge the amazing accomplishments of women in history–and it’s a great idea to focus that acknowledgment on the women closest to you. 

Women–your sisters, mentors, mothers, and colleagues–are constantly making history. Honor the ones who are impacting your life–and the world–right now by taking notice, thanking them, and sharing your gratitude in a way that makes sense. 

Do Your Industry Research 

Want to learn more about women’s history but don’t quite know where to start? We get it–women have impacted history in innumerable ways. Make that overwhelming knowledge journey a little bit easier to kickstart. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, dive into the history of women’s impact in the barbering industry. This is a great way to get your history-seekin’ juices flowing, learn about how women have shaped an industry you care about, and is something relevant you can teach others as they pass through your shop. 

The month of March brings springtime weather, an end to colder temperatures, and above all, the celebration of Women’s History. Yep, March is officially here, and at NAOB, we couldn’t be more excited.

What do you think? Are you ready to wholeheartedly celebrate Women’s History Month now? Whether you bring it into your shop, your home, or both, we encourage you to dive deep into the ins and outs of how women have impacted the barbering biz and the history of America. Even though March is the month we honor women’s history, remember that’s something we can appreciate and celebrate every day of the year. 

How are you celebrating this year? Drop a comment in the reply section and let us know. For more insight, advice, tips, and tricks, we encourage you to follow along with NAOB by subscribing ASAP! You’ll never miss another post, resource, or helpful piece of guidance for your barbering career. 

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