Unique Father’s Day Promos for Your Barbershop this Year

A client sits in a barber chair, awaiting his barbershop father's day promo cut.
The time has come to celebrate fathers and father figures and to appreciate the dads out there who have made significant impacts in their children’s lives and in society as a whole. There is no shortage of inspiring tales of fathers stepping up and making a difference—it’s a beautiful thing to hear about and an even more amazing thing to witness firsthand.

If you want to show your love of dads and father figures, participating in Father’s Day by offering unique promotions this year is a tremendous opportunity. Not only do the ideas listed here present a chance to give back to dads in a meaningful way, but they also can benefit your shop by increasing traffic and visibility. Now, that’s a win-win.

Celebrate Father’s Day with These Barbershop Promos

To supercharge your creativity, we’ve compiled a handful of our favorite Father’s Day promos for barbershops below. Whether you like to keep things simple or go above and beyond, we’re confident there’s something that will fit your style and your shop.

Check out the ideas below, use them as inspiration, and get ready to celebrate dads the way they deserve.

Create Father’s Day Bundles

From skincare to beard balms, personal hygiene and styling products are popular gifts on Father’s Day. It’s common for loved ones, children, and other gift-givers to opt for self-care items that cover a spectrum of applications and uses. As a barber, you can capitalize on this trend by creating premade bundles for Father’s Day.

Making the purchasing process as easy as possible is a surefire way to generate more sales. As a customer, it’s far simpler to choose between premade packages than it is to piece together a gift set by yourself. As an expert in the field, your knowledge can be valuable here. Put time, thought, and effort into creating themed bundles that appeal to a variety of sensibilities. Then, make sure they look great and are marketable.

Not only do these bundles make sense from a business perspective, but they also provide customers with an opportunity to save a bit of money when shopping for dad. Because you are selling multiple products at once, you can likely discount the bundle compared to their combined individual retail pricing.

Start a Social Media Campaign

Leading up to Father’s Day, consider using your online presence to build a bit of hype and spread the word about your Father’s Day promos. From email marketing campaigns to social media, you can reach a large audience that includes past, current, and potential clients.

If you want to directly relate your Father’s Day promo to social media (as opposed to using your platforms strictly as a digital megaphone), you can offer exclusive deals to those who engage with your content. This could mean hosting a giveaway with varying prize packages to offering a discount to those who mention your Father’s Day post when they visit your shop.

A social media campaign requires planning and effort, but it can be quite fun. Feel free to get creative, let your personality shine through, and engage with people in a personable way. You may just form relationships and earn customers that endure when Father’s Day has come and gone.

Design a Father’s Day Package

A dad is the complete package, right? Caring, tough, inspiring, humble, and so much more, father figures are comprehensive characters that lead by example. This Father’s Day, you can design a package that echoes this well-rounded nature.

From hot towel treatments and scalp massages to cold beer and video games, you can give dads the barbering experience of a lifetime as a package deal. For loved ones wanting to give their father figure the treatment he deserves, this promo gives them the exact opportunity they’ve been looking for. Better still, this promo idea should be a blast for the dads and for you—what barber doesn’t want to turn their shop into the ultimate mancave on occasion?

Set Up a Father-Son or Father-Daughter Special

There are few bonds as powerful as the one shared between a father and their child. As a barber, you have a unique opportunity to cater to both generations with a father-son special this Father’s Day. What that special includes is up to you—it could be anything—so get creative and think about what you would like to do with your father figure. Hopefully, that will inspire some wonderful and meaningful ideas.

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