Top 4 Women in Barbering Everyone Should Know

A female barber cuts her clients hair in her barbershop–she's one of the best women in barbering in the industry.

This Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing and honoring some of the strongest, most amazing woman barbers cutting hair today. These ladies bring flair, professionalism, and a whole lot of style to the barbering scene, and they are sure to motivate other aspiring barbers to pursue their passions.

Female Barbers You Should Know About

Whether you’re a barber with your own shop, completing your education before beginning your career, or simply admire women changing the course of history, you’ll love the work these female barbers are doing. From creative cuts to influencing the industry as a whole, the impact of these ladies is not to be overlooked.


One of the top names in short hairstyles, Gloradiance has gained notoriety for crafting elegant and creative cuts for women. As a female barber, she specializes in pixie cuts, natural hairstyles, and hair design. If a hairstyle is short, this award-winning hairstylist will perfect it.

A female barber poses, showing off her own awesome barbering cut.

This photo was sourced from @gloradiance's instagram account.

Known traditionally as a male-dominated industry, women are making their mark in the modern barbering scene. With barbers and customers alike welcoming them with open arms, the barbering world is full of potential for skilled, creative female barbers to join the ranks and inspire others.

With over 34,000 followers on Instagram and 37,000 on TikTok, Gloradiance is an online sensation. This public exposure allows her to act as an inspiration for other female barbers and girls who want to one day join the movement.

Sophie Pok (Staygold)

A creator in every sense of the word, Sophie Pok is leaving her mark on every aspect of the barbering world. Widely known as “Staygold,” Sophie is an artist to her core. She views barbering as a fluid art form and a way to connect with those around her. As a female barber in Los Angeles, she is always pushing her craft to new heights.

A female barber poses showing off her tattoos.

This photo was sourced from @staygold31's instagram account.

She also has her hand in hair care goods and products and barbering education. With aspirations to build a more open industry and inspire others to find their voice in the creative field of hair, Staygold is truly a force for good in the barbering scene. She currently has over 480,000 followers on Instagram, making her one of the most influential females in the world of barbering.

Laura Belle

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, this female barber can do it all. Laura Belle is a true professional when it comes to anything hair and grooming, and her fantastic work speaks for itself. With specialties that range from natural hair care to high-fashion styling to men’s grooming, Laura is as versatile and creative as barbers come.

A female barber poses in an egg chair.

This photo was sourced from @thelaurabelle's instagram account.

An inspirational figure to many, Laura understands that her role in the barbering community goes far beyond hair. She strives to encourage confidence in others while creating space for self-care and connection. If you’re looking for a skilled, creative, and caring role model to inspire your barbering journey, Laura is the woman for you.

Mariela the Barber

A barber’s work says a lot about them, and Mariela the Barber’s gallery shouts good things at the top of its lungs. Her cuts are clean, consistent, and detailed. It is instantly obvious that she’s a highly-skilled and passionate female barber who is elevating men’s hairstyles with her personal flair. From fresh fades to undercuts, Mariela is technically proficient and deeply driven.

A female barber strikes a pose in front of the camera.

This photo was sourced from @mariela_the_barber's instagram account.

Mariela has made a name for herself in what was once a man’s world. Her impact on the industry is more than stellar haircuts and a phenomenal Instagram page–she is inspiring others to follow their dreams, no matter what doubters might say. She is a positive influence on the industry and a beacon for other women barbers chasing their goals.

If there’s one word that defines modern barbering, it is community. People gather at barbershops specifically to network, talk about life, and build their circle of neighbors and friends. As the industry grows and changes, female barbers like those mentioned here will undoubtedly be a catalyst for positive change. From inspiring future generations of women to follow their barbering dreams to making the barbershops of now more welcoming to everyone, their influence is real and meaningful.

We encourage you to celebrate the women in your life this Women’s History Month as you recognize those who have made an impact on the lives of their loved ones, their communities, and the world. If you love barbering and want to keep up with the latest trends, news, and insights, be sure to subscribe to NAOB. From tips and tricks to celebrations of individuals in the industry, our blog is your go-to source for all things barbering.

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