Tips For Redirecting COVID-19 Small Talk

Changing the COVID Conversation—

How to Transform the Energy In Your Barbershop

COVID-19 this, or global pandemic that. Everywhere you turn, you’re probably hearing something about PPE, stimulus payments, and what feels like a never-ending update in regulations and rules.

Listen, we’re not making light of the pandemic. We’re not going to pretend it isn’t weighing heavy on all of us. And we’re certainly not going to act like it hasn’t been an indescribable tragedy for so many.

But honestly, you can agree with all of that and still be OK being tired of hearing and talking about it.

Constant conversation about traumatic, stressful, and depressing things can wreak serious havoc on your mental health, which in turn can wreak even more havoc on your wellbeing, your personal life, and your business. 

Wanting a break from the COVID conversation—and taking action to make that happen—doesn’t mean that you’re willfully ignoring reality. It just means that you’re putting your needs (and your shop’s needs) first. 

None of us can change the fact that the pandemic exists and we certainly can’t fix it by wishing it away. But what we can do is actively take ownership of the energy and the vibe within our own barbershops, spas, salons, and studios and redirect our COVID conversations toward more positive directions. 

How, exactly? 

Keep reading. Our team has compiled a list of helpful, tried-and-true tips for keeping the vibe positive and the COVID conversation curbed. 

Every barbershop, salon, or spa you walk into right now—including your own—probably sounds entirely the same, right?

Must-Know Tips for Redirecting COVID Conversations

Redirecting conversations in our industry can be tricky. Above all, we don’t want to be pushy, we want our customers to feel safe, and we want them to know it’s OK to have opinions and speak their minds—but redirecting politely isn’t actually pushy.

Trust us! We’re showing you some easy ways to curb the COVID conversation kindly without making your clients feel like you’re shoving their feelings aside. 

COVID Boundaries Must Exist

There’s nothing selfish about setting conversation boundaries—especially in the year 2020. Things are tumultuous and chaotic in ways we never could have imagined, so it’s only natural that our conversations would turn this way. But it’s crucial to realize where your personal lines and boiling points are so that you can set your own unique boundaries.

If you find you can deal with a few hours of COVID talk before you feel overwhelmed, then set your boundaries there. If 20 minutes of pandemic conversations freak you out, that’s where your line is.

Everyone is different and every boundary is different, but it’s crucial to understand where yours are and to stick to those boundaries. Once you surpass them, it’s time to figure out how to politely move the conversation onward.

Protect Your Energy & Vibes at All Costs

This shop, this suite, this salon—wherever you work—is yours. Take ownership of the vibe and the energy that live within it. Your clients are important, absolutely, but they don’t live and breathe the shop the way you do.

You’re the one who’s in there non-stop, you’re the one who spends all your time within those walls, you’re the one who takes ownership of this space. Don’t let anyone—not even your clients—destroy the positive vibe you’re trying to build.

Want Positivity? BE Positive

You want more positivity in your life? Be the positivity you’re seeking. Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

If you find that you’re missing a positive vibe, take it upon yourself to be that positive vibe. People will be influenced by your example and find you to be a guiding light ushering them toward a more positive attitude, too. 

Transparency is Key 

Struggling with COVID talk? Be honest and be direct about it. No one is going to lose respect for you just because you were transparent about your feelings and your needs. If you need a break from the COVID doom and gloom—say it. It’s not a selfish act to want to foster positivity.

No, you can’t avoid harsh realities altogether, but if you’re looking for a safe space where you work, you deserve that. Be upfront and real with your clients, your co-workers, and your colleagues—we can guarantee they’ll be more understanding and respectful than you might think. 

Implement Fun, Healthy Distractions in Your Shop 

Create a kick-ass playlist, throw a happy and funny movie up on the big screen, leave out (safe) games for your clients to play with during their appointments.

There’s nothing wrong with distracting your clients or occupying their time during their time in your shop. In fact, plenty of them will appreciate the fun, lighthearted distractions.

Keep the Conversation Centered on Your Services 

Can’t think of a good, positive topic to redirect to? That’s OK—you’ve got the perfect topic right in front of you. Your awesome services. Talking to your clients about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how they can replicate it are all great ways to keep the conversation light, happy, and educational.

Whether they know it or not, most clients are really into hearing about the process—so give them a chance to learn something new (while simultaneously keeping COVID out of the convo). 

Are you ready to implement a few of these tips in your own barbershop? Tell us how it goes!

If you’ve got your own system for keeping your energy positive and your vibe strong within your own shop, don’t be afraid to tell us all about it—that’s what the comment section is for, you guys! 

We believe in a barbering community that helps each and every barber grow—so share your tips, your tricks, and even your well-wishes. We’re all here to learn from one another and have each other’s backs! 

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