How to Make Your Barbering Business Mobile

A mobile barber business sign is shown in the city.
While the specifics of barbering have evolved throughout the years, including the tools used and techniques mastered, one aspect of the craft has remained relatively consistent—the brick-and-mortar way of doing business. In other words, a physical space or shop has almost always been associated with barbering.

The times, though, are changing. Much like food trucks bursting onto the scene, mobile barbering has taken the industry by storm. No longer are barbers confined to the walls of traditional shops; they can expand their horizons by hitting the road.

House calls, in particular, appeal to modern clients who value convenience and time. By offering services delivered to customer locations, you can unlock exciting new opportunities as a mobile barber.

Starting a Mobile Barbering Business

Whether you’re an established barber with a traditional shop or just starting out and considering a non-traditional route from the get-go, mobile barbering is a compelling option for your business. It’s flexible and allows you to keep your overhead a little lower, among other benefits.

The question is, how do you start the mobile branch of your barbering business?

Have a Plan

Drafting a business plan and getting things in order before you start a mobile barber business is imperative to success. You’ll need to organize your thoughts, create a checklist of tasks to accomplish, strategize your marketing approach, determine what services you’ll offer, and more.

While this step is involved and does require significant effort, it doesn’t need to be over the top. Try to distill everything into just the essentials, knowing that you’ll be revisiting and revising your plan as your business moves forward.

Check the Right Boxes

When starting a mobile barbering business, you need to make sure you are doing so within the scope of the law. For example, many states have insurance requirements. Securing your barbering liability insurance in a timely manner ensures that you are doing things by the book.

Other licenses and permits may also be required. You should register your business name, license your business according to your state’s regulations, and make sure your barber business is up to date. Once you’re positive that you will be conducting business legally, you can move forward with your mobile barber business.

Gear Up

If you are already in the barbering biz, you may have the foundational tools needed to go mobile. If not, you’ll need to gear up with the right tools to make your mobile barbering venture a smashing success. Staples like sheers, razors, brushes, and combs are among the essentials. You may also want to consider the following depending on what services you plan to offer.

  • Electric clippers
  • Brushes
  • Cape or robe
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair care and styling products
  • A way to transport your tools

Remember, it is better to start with the basics and build from there. By investing only in the absolute necessities early on, you give yourself room to grow by allocating your budget to more pressing areas of your new mobile barbering startup.

Build an Identity and a Client Base

Without walk-in business, your mobile barbering alternative will rely on digital branding and effective marketing to build an identity and secure customers. As such, promoting your business is absolutely vital.

You will need a website where you can generate leads, offer services, and communicate with clients. Such a platform gives potential customers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with your brand and even book sessions via online scheduling tools.

A social media presence is also important, especially as more businesses and potential customers turn to it. These platforms give you the perfect place to establish your brand and personality, be a little more casual (if you choose), and promote your business in an organic manner.

While digital branding and marketing can be extremely effective and are undoubtedly trendy right now, traditional and physical marketing still have their places. From business cards and trade shows to investing in a professional wrap for your vehicle, promoting your mobile barbering business with physical materials should not be overlooked.

The appeal of mobile barbering is multifaceted. For those who crave flexibility, higher profit margins, and the other benefits often associated with offering mobile barbering services, the reward is worth the risk. There are inherent challenges to successfully starting and running a barbering business with the mobile model, but with the guide above, you have a solid foundation on which to build.

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